Hidden Pain in my Heart

Hidden Pain in my Heart

A Poem by Ailleen

I was a depressed when I wrote this... sorry wrong grammar

Pain in my hear, go away
i feel miserable,
i want to end it all
People hurt me, yet why;
why does my heart feel like giving up?

So please tell me the reason why;
Why wont the pain go away?
How can they do this to me?
I'm also a person who feels pain

You opened my eyes to the truth
Because of you the pain won't go away
You broke my heart as if it's a toy
i know you're just concerned

I feel like everything is breaking
you told me I should stop lying to myself
I've been hiding for a long time
I have forgotten about the truth

I closed my eyes to the truth once again
You stopped me!!
Why?! I feel so miserable now!
Pain in my heart go away!!
I feel like everything is slipping from my finger tips

I hate how you reminded me of the truth!!
Yet why do I still want to be with you?!

© 2011 Ailleen

Author's Note

I wrote this while I was feeling depressed since my best friend told me that she was worried about me. She was so worried about me she was on the verge of crying, i felt guilty since I made her worry about me.

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Added on November 11, 2011
Last Updated on November 17, 2011
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San Juan City, NCR, Philippines

I'm pessimistic but I'm not emo. I'm antisocial with new people coming in my life I prefer to talk with people online. I love anime and reading books. I'm not really good with expressing what I'm writ.. more..