A Poem by Akshay

What you seek is seeking you - Rumi

What I've been seeking all along,
is right in front of you.
People think about lovers,
I think about whoever you are.
There's a soul in my field,
she's looking over my shoulder,
There's a ghost in your field,
he's trying to stop you from being colder.

The summer has gone,
like you.
Would you like me if I wore a bulky tie,
bulky on a lean me,
lean as the vision that I see.
What I was seeking?
Will it ever seek me?
A noise in my left ear,
are you awake?
A match to light my old fears,
would you take a second dip in my lake?

We don't see it,

We don't want it,

What I was seeking forever,
sits all dressed up in front of me.
All that was my dream shelter,
I have erased, time has made it flee.
Old words live in your walls,
I don't remember if you've shifted house,
What about the people living in your old one,
Will they care to help me out?

The winter has arrived,
like you.
Would you like me to fix my tie,
a tie on a tired me,
tired as the thoughts that you never read.
What I seek,
does it look for me too?
Silence in my left ear,
are you asleep?
A candle to blow my fears,
stop me before I take a leap.

We don't see it,

We don't want it,

We don't long for it,

You care for me,

I always did...

© 2014 Akshay

Author's Note

Would love to hear your comments and/or reviews.

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wow... the message was very deep, and so true. I love the way the words melted together into such a poetic poem. It was very descriptive, and painted a vivid picture in my mind. It was just beautifully written. I can only find one thing that could make it slightly better. I say you should add like more metaphors in there, you know, to like boost the poeticness of it. but overall, it was a really fantastic poem!
also, can you do me a huge favor and read, (and review) 'the silver necklace'? i really want to know what others think of it! any constructive criticism is totally okay! =)

Posted 8 Years Ago

I love how the poem comes full circle. I'm a sucker for writes like this. It was very well written and profound.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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