In the sleeping bag tonight

In the sleeping bag tonight

A Story by Alex Crow

Alex and her husband ar ein a sleepingbag waiting for their children to find them, it's a practice search and rescue misson


I lay my head on his chest, his heat radiates off him warming me. I curl up next to him tighter hoping this freezing nightmare will end soon but that’s only a pathetic hope. “Ron,” I almost whisper, “what time is it?” He looks down at his watch, sighs then pulls me closer; we need each other’s warmth. “I’m going to take that as I don’t want to know,” he nods.  In our sleeping bag, we’re squished trying to retain the body heat while keeping inside as to not get wet by the snow. “Is there anything else we can do?”


                He gives me a smile, “we could take our clothes off.”


                I cannot help but laugh, “And when the timer goes off and it comes looking for us what do we say?”


                “We’re keeping warm,” he laughs. He takes his armor off and holds it, “take yours off and put it over my head.”


                “No way on god's green earth I’m giving you my shirt, this is mine and I’m cold.”


                “Trust me; I know what I’m doing.” I do as he asks and put my shirt over him, he put his over armor me, and then he climbs into the armor with me pulling the set he’s wearing over us. “We need to do the pants now.”


                “You’re taking getting into her pants the wrong way Ronnie,” I joke as he hands me his pants and I put them on; he climbs in with me.


                “You act like we haven’t been this close before; you do remember we have children together, right?”


                I laugh, “I know but why would I want to be this close to you, boys are icky.”


                “I’ll show you icky if you don’t stop acting like that,” he laughs rubbing his icy hands up my back.


                “So this is a training exercise for our children and you’re trying to seduce me!” I can’t seem to catch my breath I’m laughing so hard.


                “How did we get volunteered for this again?”


                “They couldn’t find us last time, they have to find us by four AM or they fail.”


                “What’s the punishment for this? The death of their parents to a snow storm?”


                “It must be, because I think my feet are actually frozen.”  Ron wiggles down by my feet, “what are you doing?”  He takes my boots off and holds my feet; his hands feel colder than my feet. He tickles them and I giggle like a child. His icy hands slide down into my pants, I feel my underwear move a faint panic strikes at the thought of being caught. I ignore it, let’s face it the kids suck at tracking, Shane’s the only one who will come close to near us and he’s not leaving the house because of the weather. I feel his warmest body parts press against mine, he moves up and begins kissing me, I kiss back holding the bag closed over us, it’s about to get warm in here.  Before anything happens noises fill the area around us and Nico, Taylor and Joseph appear, we get to go inside finally. Inside Ronan and I take a hot shower together and drink the hot chocolate Shane gives us. I get into the car, turn the heater on and we begin onward toward home. Upon arrival I get a text from Shane, I know what you two were doing in that bag. Fear seems to consume me, but Ronan takes my phone, turns it off and we go to bed.

© 2012 Alex Crow

Author's Note

Alex Crow
it's from the scary place in my mind called my imagination.

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Interesting idea and concept

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on December 22, 2012
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Alex Crow
Alex Crow

Gilbert, AZ

I'm 15 and the majority of my live people have made fun of me. I started writing to let out the anger I feel. My favorite things are writing poetry, short stories, knives,fire, country music and playi.. more..

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