Flashbacks on crack

Flashbacks on crack

A Story by Jeannette Lunete

Estranged by circumstances that were rapidly brought up as intrigues, I have squeezed my palms into the shape of a David Star. 

It is 3.pm. and my name is Aerelis. I travel on minefields and whisperJupiter that my inner spellbound is ready to leave the galaxy of introverted manufacturers of glitter.
The headline of my gravestone is dislexic. Death is not even a matter of serious inner doubt about the whole meaning of all of this.  Maybe immortals are  simply losers, that cannot handle afterlife in all its shades. Maybe we are just too alive to die, or just abandoned to rest from all the itching aftertastes that have been served to us so far.

It is 6am. My name  is Veronica and I have the need to expose my fragile knees into the bluring snow. I need another drink and a trip to Panama, just to see if my sun is going to sleep at the same time, wherever I go. 
Just to check if I bore a star that gives me energy and life. Just to see if I can steal energy from energy.
My favorite mistake, was a life as a cremating assistent. So many pale cold hands unprepared for embracing their claustrophobic skelletons. It is a nigthmare trying too hard to be a dream on an undercover mission.  I am the Sandman, I make dreams come true. Maybe my only mistake is that I define it as a mistake. Downstairs it is majestic. Lets crash my legs. Done.

It is 9pm and I wake up for a glass of gasoline. Just to feel passionate again. I am nameless now.
Now everything makes sense, and nothing ever matters. So lets join frustration and my trainwrecked sculpture. It is not vain. Lets just buy another pair of scars.

Welcome gentelmen to our buffet, of dignity. Do not worry, it is not served cold.

© 2015 Jeannette Lunete

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a kaleidoscope of emotions and impressions .. enjoyed this intriguing ride and am not afraid ;) gladly pull myself up for dignity ... hot and steamy ... thank you for sharing big "J"

Posted 4 Years Ago

Jeannette Lunete

4 Years Ago

Thank a lot E. :)

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Added on October 18, 2015
Last Updated on October 22, 2015


Jeannette Lunete
Jeannette Lunete

Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see. C. S. Lewis more..