Attention Humans this is a Public Service Announcement

Attention Humans this is a Public Service Announcement

A Story by A.marie.speaks

Short story. Not finished yet

Public Service Announcement
Every screen everywhere - all the radio stations - every phone, bluetooth, airpods broadcasting at the same time - every device in the vicinity of a human being is tuned to the message - at the same time - across the nation. Across the world..

“Now is the time. You will not have another chance. We have hijacked all means of communication known to you. Do not waste time asking why or how - just listen and hear now. We have technologies and understandings beyond the comprehension of your social complex. All human beings are able to hear this message in some way everywhere at this very moment.

“Now is the time. We are providing you with the best head start possible without impeding on free will. The veil is thinner than ever now. You can all see the madness of this world for what it is. You can no longer turn a blind eye. Now is the time to choose - service to self or service to other selves.

“Your human race, the collective consciousness - the human being makes up more than 65% of the entities on this planet. Yes. You heard correctly - but deep down inside, your collective already knew this truth. Earth needs the human being, Earth was created to grow with the human being. We, and the counsel have high hopes for this planetary sphere and all its beautiful possibilities.

“With the risk of sounding redundant - as these truths are known deep within the collective, we will repeat ourselves : you are not alone here and now is the time. There is evil here - raping, pillaging destroying Earth and all its microcosmns.

“Our message is this : You must choose and take your stand. We have seen inside the collective - your decision is made. It is time you stand together. Enough is enough.

“As declared at the start : We offer a head start. Some have noticed - depending on your status within the social complexes labor divisions - that certain persons have either recently resigned or gone on vacation or into hiding it seems. The most corrupt and highly negatively polarized entities have been barred from this time/space. The counsel has been shielding those non-human entities which are strongly polarized towards the negative to even the playing field.

“All those who want to see humans excel and grow into infinite light/love are present to assist in this transition. You are not alone in your fight.

“Here is our proposition for assistance. It is final. There are no substitutions and no room for negotiation. You must make the choice as soon as this announcement concludes.

“Your monetary constructs are null and void. These financial systems, as you call them, are terminal - there is no saving them. These corporations, banking institutions and the like no longer exist.

“Totally new systems need to be created. We suggest strongly that a pay-to-live debt based within a fiat and manipulated currency be avoided at all costs. Accepting a system like that is slavery. It is against natural law. It is not in service to otherself.

“All businesses, corporations, foundations - all are guilty of manipulation and disservice. They have been infiltrated and saturated with legalese - twisting and distorting truth for a specific benefit. Fear based profiteering is over. It is time you step into sovereignty and accept that you are a part of something infinitely larger than your physical self at this time/space.. There is no reason to hoard commodities or resources. There is no reason to feel scared of life or death.

“This is not your single chance at life. These religious constructs that have been fostered and passed on are adulterated and mutated versions of the one truth. Your soul is eternal, has lived thousands of lives and shall continue to live through thousands more to come. You are a multi-dimensional ever evolving spirit complex.

“Because so many of your beings have been denying these facts there has been much confusion in the form of control and your idea of ‘power’. You have allowed groups to enslave and dominate other groups - this opposes service to others. You have allowed your food and water sources to be poisoned. Your energy (both collective and individual) to be drained instead of harnessed.

“Your hypocritical healthcare system, these insurance and investment services - even your educational ones are steered towards this distortion of power over others. This is harmful to the nature of the human being - these are not systems of your collective’s creation - they were impressed upon you by these heavily polarized entities.

“Our proposition includes disassembling big business and shutting down the rat race - as you call it. We hear the many questions bubbling, so many fear based concerns. You must release that underlying questioning. There is no scarcity, your planet is perfectly proportionate to your collective. These parasitic entities have fooled you into creating lack and seeing scraps when there is plenty for all.

“Our solution is this : If you currently reside in a home, and it is acceptable by your standard, you now own that home. All loans, deeds, whatever the name - they are null and void. No one owns the earth but you can and should work with your land and have a relationship with it. Care for it and it will care for you.

“We hear the bubbling of reactions again, please calm your minds. There is no overpopulation. There is no scarcity. Take for example this fact - we have scanned and located 7,779,000 vacant homes in your ‘United States’ alone. These homes are to be allocated to anyone with need. Nothing more is needed - just the need of a private space to call home.

“Now stop and hear your immediate reactions. We are listening too. As we said before our technologies are beyond your comprehension but know we see you as a conscious collective. We can hear each one within the collective, should we choose. Were you ever in our presence we would know your heart soul entirely.

“Many of you feel some outrage or shock. Here is your reminder. Around 33% of beings on this planet now are non-human. They do not feel the collective. They are not part of it. Humans are innately polarized towards service to others, towards community. They are peaceful, social beings who want to live with through the heart center. You are fourth dimensional. These other entities feed on confusion, violence, fear and hatred. They serve the self. Human beings naturally oppose these principles.

“We urge you to inquire within - will you add positive energy or negative to the whole? Do you stand for light/love or fear and delusion?

“The main collective understands every human being deserves a safe place to rest their head each night. Do you want a home? Food to eat when you need it? Some privacy to explore and understand the world? We see within - and you do. Be confident in knowing all human beings agree. This fact alone is what separates the human from these other entities.

“If you come in contact with resistance, those who look human but do not feel human - know your intuition is correct. The veil is thin. You will be able to recognize the difference,

“Stand and unite. Use your societal structures for service to others. We have made available the necessary information for these changes to take place immediately. Your local places of government have been supplied with details of vacant homes and details of organizational possibilities for relocating people.

“We are now within your hospitals and your health centers. We offer healing and balancing of all your energy centers. If you suffer from any physical ailments or ingest any form of pharmaceutical and wish to be reset please come to any local health building. We will occupy those spaces for several of your hours after this announcement concludes. There is much of this work available and many of ours are devoted to this act of healing. We offer a new start to any human being which wishes to realign its physical self to a positive vibration.

“We approach conclusion now. We must release three difficult truths. Number one - as we’ve said : human beings are not alone, anywhere, neither on this planet or in what you call the universe. The situation here has become severe. The negative entities would very much like to gain the majority but in the end, you will have the choice - either stand together for love or divide and allow the world to deteriorate.

“The second truth we offer and you must accept is that human beings have transitioned from 3rd to 4th density. This has been gradually taking place over thousands of your years and over many of your lives but now the scale has tipped and fourth density is heavier. You are infinite intelligence, eternal in a mortal body - this is truth. This life is more than you’ve been fooled into thinking. As we stated earlier, humans have been manipulated and enslaved by negative entities for thousands of your years. They have diluted and twisted the natural laws to focus on service to self. Accept this truth and break free from it..

“The third and final truth we will divulge to you is the ultimate harmony that resides within the service to other-self. Human beings will resonate with this truth because it is ingrained in your DNA, as you choose to name it. This is the ultimate faith and as each of you is innately pulled towards spiritual fulfilment and social acceptance, you feel it and understand it. You feel it now as a collective - we can sense the heart activation. That is the natural state of each of you - the individual is meant to thrive through utilizing the collective not strive to grow above it and dominate the mass after.

“A focus on the family and small communities is best suited for the human being. The negative entities abhor love, togetherness and symbiotic coexistence. Understanding and empathy are concepts that evade a service to self. There is no purpose in how an other is feeling or experiencing the world to those who have chosen the path of self service. Those entities will disperse and disappear. Know that it is possible they may attempt an attack or infiltration but they will never feel human - they will lack all social connections - let this be your warning. Design your communities to be loving, open and honest - then you can easily identify those who work against your morals and be sure those entities do not obtain positions of highest service for that is where corruption gets in. These types crave power over others and will seek out these posts with diligence. That is where collective intuition and frequency sensing will be most important. You cannot be tricked into handing over your power. The stakes are too high and the final hour is about to strike.

“We have offered all that we may at this time/space. The choice is now available for all. Should you choose to stand and unite for your species and planet then leave your dwellings now - take to your local offices or hospitals if you require healing first.

© 2020 A.marie.speaks

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