Lessons learned from an unexpected teacher!

Lessons learned from an unexpected teacher!

A Story by AmiraE

She tought me how to talk less and listen more, to run instead of walk, to dance for no reason at all, to sing at the top of my lungs, to appriciate the little things in life, and to laugh more often. We believe we are teaching our children things they don't know, but often they are teaching us to make roomfor things we've pushed aside so we could have time for more important things. Children are there to remind us of who we are at the core! They show us our true colors. They can see us for who we really are, they see the person buried deep inside us. Children allow themselves quality time with their imagination, they allow themselves to dream big without being embaressed of their dreams, and the most important thing is that they don't care about what other people think of them. Most of us get caught up in what other people think and forget what is more important, WHAT WE THINK, what we want, what we enjoy. It is our life we should care more about what we want and less about others. My daughter taugtme to get over things more easily than i usually did, without holding grudges, all it takes her toget over things is a simple "sorry" then we hug it off and it's over. I wish life was that simple, i wish people were more genuine. Struggles don't have tobe so long-winded, you don't haveto prove you are right and the other is wrong. I know it sounds cheesy, but wouldn't it be so much easier that way? I guess my daugter changed me more than i ever wished or plannedtochange her. Two years ago she struggled her way into life, and before she took her first breath she was already making me feel things i never felt before. She taught me the meaning of uncinditional love, wich was something i never understood.                 Dear Zeina, i loved you before even seeing you, in a way i could never describe. I wondered what you were going to look like, what your little voice was going to sound like, what kind of personality were you going to have. Will you be the sensetive one? The smart one? The athlete? The funny one? I couldn't wait to tell you that i love you. I couldn't wait to tell you that i will protect you and care for you every minuite of everyday, for the rest of your life. I still can't wait to encourage you, and tell you that you re the most amazing person in the world, and that you can do anything or be anything you want to be. I'll be there for your first tears, your first bump and bruise. I'll be there for your first day at school. I'll be there for your first exam, your first certificate, your first car, your first job. like i've been there for your first smile, your first tooth, your first step, your first word. With all my pride, my excitment, support, andhappiness. I'll be there for your wedding day, and i'llbe there for your first born.I'll be there first. For you. With all my love and devotion.I will fight tooth and nail to give you the wonderfull life you deserve. Because youhavemade my life wonderful beyond mydreams bybeing my child, my little angel. I will give you my lastbreath, as you have given me my first..... Baby girl... i love you    xoxoxoxooxo

© 2012 AmiraE

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Added on October 17, 2012
Last Updated on October 20, 2012



cairo, Egypt