My Girl and I: Part One

My Girl and I: Part One

A Story by Amo

It's a story about my Girl and I, how much I love her and she loves me very much

We sat, we were looking at each other eye-to-eye, she sat besides me to I turned my body towards her, just so we can face each other. She was looking so beautiful, she looked like a girl who deserves all the happiness is the world and I love seeing her smile. With a piece of luxure on her tooth. Brown jeans, black shirt, pink-ish or red-ish lipstick. No wonder the people would die for her, she had beauty like a goddess, and the swift movement whenever she's walking, the body of an African Queen but to me it's more than the pack at the back of her jeans.
That's what I'm thinking, it's what I'm seeing.

I wish I could see myself from another person's sight. Yes, I did get a piece of myself from her, she said "Why are you like this?" Surely I was happy that I have such a masterpiece in front of me, but how have I failed to show her so. It triggers me she said "I don't love you like this, you never like this" I looked at her and she battled her way to say "What did I do wrong". But to me, she was perfect, I couldn't see a fault in her. Then I knew everything was right but I was the problem. Perhaps I was with her for own satisfactory, but she is the best girlfriend I've ever had, why would what I think I'm not satisfied. I gaized at her, and I try to turn the unforgivable frown upside-down to say "I'm fine". She insisted to buy me food but I said no. And everything at that instant rushed toward me, the one particular thought, just the other day before a guy standing at the door of Burger King, held it open for us, and he said to me "take care of her" and he later murmured "take care of her or I'll take her from you" not that he meant it. I left her to buy the food and I went to the him at the door, we had a conservation about her. He cried, "your girl is the most beautiful I've ever seen in my whole entire life, around town, live, with my own eyes and for the fact that she's with you kills me inside but surely she's not from around here" I said she's not just to let him keep talking about her. And I thought about how much she loves me, the same day with the guy at the door but earlier, we were in a bookstore, one book caught my eye, 13 Reasons Why, I looked at it, and I loved it, she asked "how much do you love this book", "with all my heart" I answered "well if you do, and I do, I love you with all my heart too" "I'm buying it for you" she continued, I was astonished, I love her too, and I wanted that book with all my heart but I proclaimed "No, don't do that" I loved the book but I hate sounding like a b***h but I felt really emotional when I didn't want her to do that. It felt worse because I could see the disappointment, I could see the "I wanted to buy you the book Amo, I love you, I really want to show you". It lead to an awkward moment, and nothing but silence, I grew weary, and sad but I just didn't show it. On the same day, we went to a restaurant when she ordered a wrap and I ordered a burger, took her a video that touches my soul whenever she smiles and laughs in it. I watch it every time I think about her. She's so beautiful in it, I feel like I could re-live that moment, I whisper to the video "My girl, I love her" every time I watch it. Makes my soul happy every time I kiss her, I kissed her, she kissed me, I loved it and she loved me

"Amogelang, what's wrong?" She asked, then I became conscious and I stopped thinking I asked "is that door open?" it was in front of us at the restaurant "I want to go outside for a minute" I continued, "you want to leave me alone?" I came back to my senses and said no. She ate her meal, she was done and we were left with 30 minutes before we could go watch a movie at the cinema, she said, looking at her watch. She then said " kao rata" it means 'I love you' in her home language. Then I could feel my heart melting, looked her in the eye and I asked her to express her in her own words, that's the love that my girl had for me, to pay the bill, to buy me a book and the one she can't express in words. As 45 minutes pass, we went to the cinema, we already had the tickets, we bought popcorn and headed our way into the theatre, I loved it. We sat and watched the movie. I started holding her hand, and asked her "are you okay?", I asked again "are you comfortable?", "are you cold, do you need a blanket?" I kept on asking, and she constantly replied with "yes I'm okay", "yes I'm comfortable " and she didn't need a blanket and said "why are you worrying to much" As soon as she said that, my emotions got settled and felt calm. Held hands half way through the movie. The movie ended and whilst everyone was leaving , we still sat there, while it was dark inside, I face towards her, while she was looking at the screen. She turned to look at me, I leaned in, and remained in that position, heavy breathing, as she leaned in too. I loved her, and she said "I love you too" and I loved it, yes she did too.

I love you Babe
I'm sorry for the awkward moments and the weirdness, truly I am
I want to cherish you as my girl forever. At this very awkward age.

I love you!!

© 2017 Amo

Author's Note

Comment on my grammar, my English and my writing
Please comment on the story too and the type of the relationship

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i need time to read this and give you comments after that.

before that i am wishing you all the best for your writings.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you very much sir and I'm eager to know from you

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Added on July 19, 2017
Last Updated on July 19, 2017
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