My new life

My new life

A Story by Analae

The character is waking up after an implantation of an AI. It is a memory of a past life that she is having to relieve. Everytime she sleeps more of the realization of a life change happens.

I can hear many screams. The voices come from each direction. I freeze, not sure why my limbs refuse to work. The screams come again and I collapse on the ground, pressing my palms to my ears. I break out into a cold sweat, my lungs burn as though I have been running.

Tears streak down my face as the screams echo around me. I can hear them in my skull, feel it on my skin. It feels l
ike a lover's breath against my spine. I shudder and raise to my feet, shaking. I feel like I have been ran through a ringer then put on a battle field with no direction.

I look down and see my hands, bloody. I have no memory of where I am. I scream, joining the echos of those that haunt me. I trudge forward, shivering as I look for a way out. Nothing looks familiar. Everything hurts. I scream again, and start running, willing my heavy limbs to move. "MOVE D****T!" I scream at myself, picking up a little speed. I stumble, get back up and trudge forward again.

The screams are getting louder and I shake. I scream again and continue to run, wanting to let the darkness take me whole.
 I remember the void as it encompassed me. It felt like thousands of fingers touching me, pressing on me. I heard a gasp and opened my eyes, a scream escaping my lips.

I looked around, not seeing anything. So many voices. I felt a slight touch, a w
hisper. "She's awake." The voice stated. It was female...sounded older. I reached up and touched my face, confused. I could hear a second voice in my head, whispering to me now. "Stay calm" It told me softly, almost like a friend I had known all my life but couldn't remember.

I felt my own face...flesh under my fingers. It had been a dream? I try and figure out what I am seeing...What I am thinking? What was that dream? Where was I? There are so many questions but I cannot think of any answers. What happened to me?

I remember fire...a piercing pain. I could remember falling. But..was that my own memory? Was I in my own mind? I shook my head and closed my eyes. They felt heavy, and almost like they were full of sand. It hurt to open them, took will power, but to close them was sheer agony. I forced them open, seeing light. Blurry, bright. I struggled to ascertain my whereabouts but failed.

© 2012 Analae

Author's Note

This is just a musing. It is under editing.

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Added on November 29, 2012
Last Updated on November 29, 2012
Tags: red vs blue, fanfic, dreams, memories, lost, pain



Sumter, SC

I love to write. I have a lot of new ideas and have found a few of my ideas to have taken a darker turn. I have moved from doing poetry to doing more along the story lines. I have been updating a l.. more..

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