Escape from Eden

Escape from Eden

A Story by Analae

The Earth has been mined till it can no longer support life. Instead of dying off, most humans have left the Earth for the metal pillar they have built over it.

I have heard them speak of a new life. One without worries. Ha!, I know that will never happen. Happiness...yeah that's just a legend, a myth.
This place is scrap. They told us we could have a new life and happiness if we followed them. Ha...That was truly a lie. They gave us their scraps and told us to have fun. Every where...look about you..its all scrap, ruin.
Metal, cast-iron, bolts, nuts, other various metallic bits that have been tossed carelessly aside, these litter about the ground. The air is thick with the stench of burning oil and old metallic bits that have been over worked. They pollute this place--yet they expect us to live strive.
I am crouched behind a pile of junk. You can hear voices screaming out orders, feet running to obey them. There are people, and they are looking for something.
A group of my comrades are crouched, hidden behind me and the scraps around us. We are trying our best to blend hide. If they were to find us...what would happen? I don't think any of us want to find out.

I hear the crunching of footsteps on the metal ground as the booted feet walk around. I wave my hand behind me, all of us cowering back in the trash, trying our best to blend in.
I see the light flashing off of the black metallic clothing of the soldiers marching near us. I wonder if they are really even human. I know that no one has ever seen flesh, face, or even the eyes of the armored men.
Their breathing is raspy, hoarse, as if they are breathing through some sort of device. Their flashlights swing light too close to our spots. I fight the urge to run or keep moving back. I look behind me at the people behind me. The ages vary greatly...between five year old to people in their late teens and early twenties. I know there are a few more groups, like ours, out there in the garbage heaps somewhere.

© 2010 Analae

Author's Note

This was started back in the mid 90s. It is an old story. This is just a tidbit to look inside. This IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.

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Wow, this is a very good concept. I like the idea that Earth has reached it's limit, and because of constant abuse through mining and other activities harmful to the environment and the planet, that a majority of the people have left the planet for what is assumed to have been a 'better life' offered to them. I believe this represents one of the many very possible futures that the human race could be headed towards in the coming hundred years or so. I would be interested in reading more into this series as it develops.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Sumter, SC

I love to write. I have a lot of new ideas and have found a few of my ideas to have taken a darker turn. I have moved from doing poetry to doing more along the story lines. I have been updating a l.. more..

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