"I Think I AM..."

"I Think I AM..."

A Poem by Chris

Which are you?



I meant for there to be multiple ways to take this entire poem. Also - each and every stanza will, can, and does - stand alone ...just so you know.  But I prefer to take this work - my way, which is every way it can be taken - and all of them all at once.

"I Think I AM..."


that are so unique
and special that
all but adores you -

in every way he can and could...

that "He" appreciates
- as you are -
in more ways than even you

will ever remember... 

that share love
and not just sex

with heart and

soul and somehow -

somehow there is still more... 

that shares life...
and it isn't just existence

or space
or breath
or anything less than

e v e r y t h i n g
you are!


that paused inside

the day "You" appeared
and couldn't remember the

HOW to breathe -

as you continued by.

that wandered so far and wide
crisscrossing each path and

twist and turn `til it WAS

"You" he spied -

the silhouette that blinded the pale sun
that was hidden behind...

that heard the sound

that echoed the dreams
one holds inside
and just KNEW without a moment's

the tastes of always -

just because...

that "You" shouldn't have seen
or ever noticed even being near

and yet you did, could, would
and then ...smiled... "You" smiled!

... ...


and to me - quite simply
I am "He" and you

are "You"

and to you - quite simply
you are "He" and I
am "You"

..and to us if ever we disagree

and need to remember which were we
well, that's what tears are for... you see -

as we both remember being ...just me.




© 2012 Chris

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I like the depth and concerns expressed here. I agree with Poppy. Very multi-dimensional. So much to be gleaned from your words. "the silhouette that blinded the pale sun"..brilliant.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Joshua, you always surprise me with your presence, but it's the why that should interest you... you .. read more
Each unique and there will never be another you...both works...either way, yes...your writing is multi dimensional...and the final lines always, always...are a belter! xx

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

was an interesting and intriguing write.
sometimes when two people find one another they just know they have seen the love of their lives and can't live another moment without the other person. their love blends them together and it doesn't matter who's he or you, the love and passion is the same between them. very interesting poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Some words are mere letters, others are the birth of thoughts and emotions, dreams and conversations meant to be overheard by .. Somehow you touch a place that few can, you trickle meaning, smiling, reminding, explaining, displaying and, finally, there's a long sigh, an intake of breath - and the knowledge that you are 'just me' .. and more.

'that heard the sound ~ that echoed the dreams ~ one holds inside ~ and just KNEW without a moment's ~ pause ~ the tastes of always - just because...'

Posted 9 Years Ago

what's even more wonderful than the process of thought, is the processing of the words; like a rose softly bent to accompany the wind, no affectation... just flowing naturally, gracefully, beautifully... A subtle rhyme that progressed more evidently in the last stanza just to give the right effect of a lyrical symphony of words... Brilliant Chris, loved it :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Great - the instructions at the start, clever and original. And the shifting perspective is excellent, good write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

What I enjoyed about this, Chris (no rhyme intended) - was the manner in which it builds, adds and progresses. The form, the movement of it keeps the attention so well. As for the subject matter...the interchange of the two subjects is quite lovely. My favourite line: 'that's what tears are for...' it's fresh and therefore welcome.

(sweeping) :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I feel like i am cheating, lol...like someone has already given me the clues to the essay under the desk...I do believe in spiritual soulmates, two who run along the edges of time at the same place, space and pace...those who never touch but always feel...total acceptance of and share in...each others presence, faults, highs, lows and dreams

Posted 9 Years Ago

Many layers and thoughts
with "I am the Walrus" playing in the background.

Have a good thoughtful weekend, friend.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ah, the Marine, and the poet! Nice writing my friend. You've captured the essence of a soulful relationship, soulmates I suppose. Yet, as Captain states I can see an internal relationship in this also. You've been quiet lately, nice to see you're writing again.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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