The Purpose Of Life

The Purpose Of Life

A Story by Annie S

During my sleep


I've recently come across the idea of what it means to live. If you think about it, you are sitting on front of your computer/laptop reading this or just writing one of your stuff. Have you realised why you are writing? And no not because you like to, more in depth precisely. Some of us write because there's this idea of comfortness  and the ability to share their stories or poems to other writers throughout the world. Stop and think for a moment to know how gifted you are to have such and amazing talent to spread love,happiness,sadness,tragedy,and even death through paper. Nevertheless, not knowing that some people do not have the ability to write neither read or speak. Gratitude is lacking in this world and the majority of children have no guidance to know what's right or wrong. This topic had hit me while I was asleep and I seriously didn't know how I was going to start this.  

   I learnt so many things on this website during the past 3 years, but most importantly how the people themselves on here has made a difference on other peoples' life. Soo.. What is the purpose of life? There's no exact definition because this topic will continue to expand as we continue to live from generation to generation. Life is the combination of freedom, but at the same time

facing obstacles and enduring strength to overcome that path and continue the smooth road  BUT being prepared to overcome many more obstacles as it doesn't stop there. In addition, I've seen so many people insulting one another, bringing them down but yet they don't look for the flaws of their own. And the GAZA conflict just question this world as a whole; seeing that this world will never be in peace; Humanity would not be restored until everyone open their eyes and see the beauty of each others vision of life- it is something that we will hold on maybe for a long time or just for a second. In the UK I heard that a 3 year old died as he/she was hit by a bus. It is very easy for God to give you life and it is much easier for it to be taken away from you.

         Life is much more precious than technology, war and money. Without life and God you are nothing. Some may not agree with me, but the answer is right in front of you look within instead of outside.

© 2014 Annie S

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Added on August 10, 2014
Last Updated on August 10, 2014
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Annie S
Annie S

San Fernando , Trinidad and Tobago

23 now! , but I'm still young and I sometimes feel sad, happy, shocked, but most importantly I think about why I came into this world.. Everyone has a purpose, but you just have to figure it out wi.. more..


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