A Poem by Melissa


Haunted, it's just a word.

Ghosts, they're just a thing.

Death is just a state of being,

Like living just a bit more freeing.


Beauty, it's just a word.

Men, they're just a thing.

Love is just a feeling,

Like boredom from staring at the ceiling.


I love a ghost.

I moved here and found him.

I love a ghost.

He scared me, then charmed me.



I am haunted by him,

By his love, by my love for him.

I haunt him, his endless days,

His endless nights.


Years gone passed,

My love for him is still strong.

I see him still like he is real,

I can touch him like he is still real...



Though he is dead, his touch is warm.

Every touch of his sends wonderful chills down my spine.

He spends nights pleasuring me for pleasure...



His skin is tangibly smooth, soft, and supple.

His muscles, lean and strong...


His voice, heavenly...



I love a ghost and he loves me.

© 2008 Melissa

Author's Note

Any criticism and needed edits please message to me, everything else you can put in a review.

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You established a beautiful rhythm in the first few stanzas, but the more I read, the more the rhythm was lost. By the end, it had been lost entirely. It was up until the third stanza that your rhythm was most notable; after that, it was a bit cliched.

Of course, rhythm isn't everything. There are many more commentable aspects to poetry.

Unfortunately, flow tends to run with rhythm. By the end, the flow was a bit lacking, as well.

Your simplistic word choice, however, did help this piece along. I like how you used words that any reader could easily understand.

The idea of this piece is a strange one. In love with a ghost? That's quite unique, indeed.

Posted 12 Years Ago

i loved it but the only sentence i didnt get was "He spends nights pleasuring me for pleasure..."

it could be a different word for the second pleasure so it still make sence and you wont have a ummm yeah that thing lol sorry forgot the word

great poem


Posted 12 Years Ago

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"Death is just a state of being,
like living just a bit more freeing."
Great poem, I love it.

Thanks for the review too. I don't know what "Jesus Christ Superstar" is but I'll look into it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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