A Poem by iKidAstro

By: Anthony Boame a.k.a Kid Astro da Maestro


Peer  into  your  mind,

Use  your  skull  as your  veranda,

The  first  thought  you  see

You  try  to  grab, but  miss,

You  see  another  thought,

It’s  a  mad  dash,

Your  mind’s  racing,

You  grab  a  hold,

And  then  it  hits  you,

Whatever  happened  to  that  great  feeling  that  you  had?

How  long  ago  was  it?

5  Days? 10 Months? Or  even  15 Years Ago?

Wouldn’t  it  be  great  to  live  that  moment  forever?

Life  moves  too  fast,

I  wish  it  would  move  slower,

So  take  a  moment  and  just  look  around,

What  do  you  see?

A  pencil  on  the  floor,

Like  me,  it’s  most  likely  forgotten,

Its’  eraser’s  been  torn,  like  my  heart  out  of  my  chest,

And  chewed  at  its’  end,

You  look  to  the  left,

And  see  a  crumpled  paper  ball,

That  seems  to  have  missed  the  basket,

It’s  also  been  left  alone,

Like  the  lost  souls  of  Harlem,

Waiting  for  someone  to  come

And  un-crumple  their  hearts  that  have  been  shaped  again  and  again  then  discarded,

Open  them  up  and  try  to  take  out  the  creases,

But  the  little  tears  and  lines  can’t  be  sown  up  or  straightened,

You  would  say  that  you’re  ordinary,

But  you  have  the  power  to  change  someone’s  life,

You’re  one  of  a  kind,

And  because  of  that  you’re  and  endangered  species,

You  could  be  a  cold  and  lonely  Polar  Bear

Wandering  the  cold  lonely  world  looking  for  the  answer  to  life,

When  there  is  no  answer  to  life,

Because  life  is  what  you  make  it  out to  be.

© 2012 iKidAstro

Author's Note

Maya Angelous read this poem of mine and liked it, and I met her.

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Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on May 12, 2012
Last Updated on May 12, 2012
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Worcester, MA

I'm a poet, rapper, artist and dancer. I just enjoy the Arts and the Sciences. I usually write based on how I feel, or what I am thinking of at the time. more..

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