The War that Wages Forth

The War that Wages Forth

A Poem by Anthony C.

Sometimes, our biggest enemy is ourself


A bloody conflict wages forth

on a battleground that long ago

was filled with a radiance of beauty

from the nature that would grow.


Seeds were planted long before

and a young boy who cared very much

tended to their every need

and they grew from just his touch.


Soon the empty place had changed

and towering trees covered the sky

allowing just enough sunlight

for the vibrant flowers to thrive.


This place had become one of wonder

and shined down upon the beauty of seclusion

but the boy grew up and realized

that this beauty was merely a delusion.


His touch had faded away

and darkness had begun its reign

as the nature regressed from its beauty

and instead was replaced with pain


Now bullets scathe every tree

and roots are ripped from the ground

and the once quiet, relaxing scenery

became overcome with treacherous sounds.


Boots are imprinted everywhere

and flowers shrivel and die

while rotting trees look weary

in the thunderstorm-ruled sky.


The boy sits in the middle

as the war wages on

a depression overwhelms him

but his hope is already gone.


The boy pleads to be relieved

from the horrors of his head

but he pleads to no avail

and is filled inside with dread.


An erosion chips away at the boy’s soul,

which was once innocent and pure,

but now looks trampled on and beaten

from the deadly effects of war.


Heart and head meet in battle"

friendly companions turned deadly foes"

and as conflict mounts between them,

the damages begin to show.


Once alone against the world,

he now is alone against despair,

and from this single thought

his heart begins to tear.  

© 2014 Anthony C.

Author's Note

Anthony C.
After reading Augustine's Confessions and the Ascent of Mount Ventoux in my English class, I wanted to try to write something that incorporated the idea of this internal struggle. This is what I came up with. I want to post it to see what other people think and hopefully get some suggestions for improvement. Thank you for reading!

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Added on March 22, 2014
Last Updated on May 28, 2014
Tags: war, conflict, self, struggle, despair, depression, heart, head, thought


Anthony C.
Anthony C.


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A Poem by Anthony C.