My new book- "Mirage in the Mountains"

My new book- "Mirage in the Mountains"

A Story by Anurag

Welcome to journey filled with friendship, love, laughter coupled with mystery and suspense.


Sourav receives a call from his friend Shekhar who tells him that his younger brother and his three friends have been missing since the last three days. Their car has been found in the Jungles of Kaabri Village near Shimla but no trace has been found of the people sitting in it. Sourav decides to go to that place when he meets a stranger named Priyanka in the bus. Priyanka seems a mystical girl who narrates him the story of four boys who met with the accident at the same spot exactly last year and how their lives turned out. The story revolves around four friends who reach the unexpected places. Jhony, a person known as negativity among his friends because of his ability to find bad in every good reaches at a place known as happy land where everyone is happy with everything they have but he soon raises a seed of discontent among them. Akshay, a spoiled brat known as flirt among his friends reaches a place where he had to work non-stop and that place is without girls. Rohan, a shy by nature reaches at a place where he falls in love with a girl and never wants to leave her.  Vir, an atheist who enters a place where he has a strange encounter with the priest. After four days they are taken to a place where they are asked one simple question which could change their destiny forever.  Their fortunes are decided on the day Mirage is formed in the Mountains.

What happened to those four people and how this story would impact the lives of Shekhar’s brother? Will they ever be able to find out that exactly happened and will they ever comeback?

It s story of changing fortunes.

© 2019 Anurag

Author's Note

Available in paperback as well as electronic format.

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It's interesting...
Best of luck 👍

Posted 10 Months Ago

I looked... If sales are disappointing, and I'm pretty sure they will be, you might want to pick up a couple of books on how to write fiction.

You didn't call for comment, so I won't talk about the book, except to say that you need more than good intentions, enthusiasm, and a story idea. school didn't teach you to write a movie or television show. Irt didn't teach you to write a newspaper. It didn't teach you to write a technical journal or an advertisement. And, it didn't teach you to write stories, only reports.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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