Fallen From Despair

Fallen From Despair

A Poem by Sheik

A depressed girl puts all her hope in a boy she loves to save her from the dark world she is trapped in.


Verse 1

For such a long time

I have longed for

A way to free myself,

And yet I now find

I can see no more

The darkness I’ve known so well.


Verse 2

Looking through these eyes,

Everything’s glassy

As the sun starts to set.

Then I start to cry

Tears I’ll never need,

Raining down where they shall rest.


Verse 3

In a dream last night

My sole guide was there,

Leading me to the door.

It opens to light

Before we enter

Onto the pearl white floor.



Have I fallen from despair

Into this new world

Where all is what it seems?

Life had been a lying mirror

Until I was turned

Back into the real me.



Are you still there my friend?

I have returned to you.

Please help me to understand.

For you showed me the truth.



I left despair

Just to come here,

My friend.


© 2022 Sheik

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the deeper meaning, maybe she's alone and sad then she gets better but with pills, or cutting so she wonders if she's really better or if it's just a trick, the glassy could easily be tears, or it could be that she sees the world as a reflection, backwards and twisted.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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"Glassy" could mean that it looks like looking through glass, everything is distorted; everything looks different, like there is a sheet of glass in front of you. The deeper meaning is that there is always a way out of things I believe. Have you sung this song or just made the lyrics?

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I think the speaker uses glassy as a symbol for tears. When a person usually cries their vision is similar to looking through glass.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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