The belief in yourself

The belief in yourself

A Story by Ashle

It is very important to trust yourself...

All this happened now a while, more exactly in a summer, when all the wild strawberries and the raspberries were baked already.
Lynaria was walking in these silent forest, to collect some. The trees had a healthy green color, and all the fruits of these forests were fresh, luscious and sweet. But, as she was collecting all this in a basket, she could hear some moves behind the bushes and the trees. Eventually, an old man jumped out of these plants. He had a long nose, that reached his knees, a short, harsh beard, and extremely old wrinkles.
-I have come here to request your aid, young girl!
-Who-who are you? -she asked.
-I am the oldest man of a village not far from here, I have more than 127 years, most of the people call me "The Wise One". I have come with an urgent task for you.
-Tell me, what is so urgent. -the girl said, with a warm voice.
-I know that your healing abilities are unique, and it happened that there is a person in my village, that has a very grave disease. It is called "Av Resnevröm", translated into "The Venom". It is occured from a dangerous snake, and the sick person can lost its soul, if it isn't cured in a few weeks, or in the worse case, in a few days...
As Lynaria heard what is the reason of the problem, she firstly thought that she will refuse, for it was something that she thought is too hard for her.
-I'm sorry, but I can't cure it. It is something very dangerous, and something I never tried. I can't do it!- she said, and then went forward, trying to forget about it. But the old one didn't give up, and followed her.
-But, I know you can do it! I came to you, because I know that you are the one who can heal the person. Please...
These words made Lynaria think, but she still refused to try.
-I-I am sorry...I can't do this...- and she ran away in her sorrow.                             

She tried to forgot all that happened: that she refused to try, that she thought she couldn't do it. So the girl got back to the fruit-collecting.
However, the old one came back to her after he found Lynaria again.
-Please, young are the only person who can do this!
-I told you that I won't! Now, please...leave me alone.-she said, still keeping her cool.


But the Wise one searched Lynaria for the third time, and asked for her help.
-I told you once...I told you twice. And I will tell you the last time. I can't do it, so leave me alone! - The girl started to get nervous. Lynaria thought she can't do it. She was sure about it. She was actually...afraid of it. The girl was afraid that she would she didn't even try.
-Girl, just give one chance! If you would try, you would see how great things you can do! I sense the power in yourself! Please...if you don't do it, the person will die, and the entire village will fall into this illness! They'll not have a better fate!   
After a few moments on thinking, Lynaria eventually accepted.
The Wise one lead Lynaria into his little village, and eventually to the house of the sick one. The person was lying on the bed, and couldn't even move.
The girl breathed once very deep, and started to cure the sick one. She started well. However, she didn't trust herself. Lynaria was also stressed, so she started to make bad moves.
-See, I told you I can't do it!-she said nervously, and eventually ran away, wiping her tears off. The old man left her alone for a while.
But this while ended, and he insisted again. Lynaria was sitting on the grass, still with tearful eyes.
-I told you! You have no reason to ask me again!-she told him.
-Do you know why did you failed?-the girl raised her head, and looked to the old man. She listened to him.
-You didn't succeed, because you didn't trust yourself. If you begin something beliving in yourself, you will have more chances to succeed. But, if you don't have faith in yourself, you will surely not do well... So, take time to think, and search me if you took a decision. I will not bother you anyomore. This is your decision... -the wise one then walked away, and let the girl think.


The entire village was worried about what will happen, and when the sick one was almost dying, the hope came back.
Lynaria entered the house of him, and the villagers, also the old man, were glad. Lynaria started the curing. She started with gentle touches, and slow moves. 
-Does it hurt if I do so?-she asked while she touched one of the sick bodyparts. The ill one was mumbling a negative answer.
She then started to use some healing magic. Every move cured some parts of the disease. Eventually it remained only a few sick bodyparts, then a single one, and in the end, the person was cured...
The young girl then learned what she can actually do, and that is very important to trust in yourself...
The villagers were all glad because of the success, and were all grateful. The wise one blinked once with his right eye, as a symbol of praise.

The end...

© 2015 Ashle

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Added on August 25, 2015
Last Updated on August 30, 2015
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Aiud, Alba, Romania

I am fantasy, adventure and poetry kind of writer.I am actually half Hungarian and half Romanian, so you may find some mistakes in my tell me if you spotted one, and I will correct it...:.. more..

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