Twisted Circus

Twisted Circus

A Poem by Ashley Armstrong

A song I wrote. RS is the ringleader speaking.

Twisted Circus

Welcome to the big top

Have a look around

Grab a treat and find your seat

The show is about to start now

RS( Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. We hope you enjoy the show)

Clowns on tricycles and elephants in rows

Rings of fire and little dogs in bows

RS ( Watch the performers of the flying trapeze. They glide through the air performing with ease)

Here at the circus we care for your safety

Please stay seated until the break

RS ( Look at the lions, tigers, and bear)

Get ready now, you're in for a scare

We're locking the doors

You wont be leaving here

RS ( Look to the sky for the cannon guy. Watch in amazement as he flies)

Children laughing with their treats

Suddenly vanishing from their seats

Wind and thunder, frightening sights

Explosions popping, broken lights

RS ( Take this time to stretch you legs. We'll be right back after the break)

Panic, confusion, screams of horror

Parents realizing what is gone

RS ( The show is back. Come to your seats. There's no escaping the horror of me. Nothing is as it seems at the Twisted 

Trapped no way out. Trapped no way out

You'll never leave here

RS ( We're sorry folks, but as you can see, this isn't a circus, but a show of freaks. And we're getting very hungry)

Nothing is as it seems at the Twisted Circus

Trapped no way out

No one to hear you scream

Oh, how you'll wish that this was all a dream

RS ( Goodbye all. I'll say goodnight. We do hope we gave you a fright)

Trapped no way out

No one to hear you scream

Nothing is as it seems

Nothing is as it seems

Here at the Twisted Circus

Here at the Twisted Circus

Here at the Twisted Circus

© 2016 Ashley Armstrong

Author's Note

Ashley Armstrong
Ignore spelling and grammar problems

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Added on January 10, 2016
Last Updated on January 10, 2016


Ashley Armstrong
Ashley Armstrong

Brandon, FL

I like reading, writing, watching anime, listening to music, and watching movies. I'm 25 years old. My favorite things are Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Anything Disney or Dreamwork.. more..