The lonely road of finding

The lonely road of finding

A Poem by The AshKat Projects

Finding what you seek may sometimes prove to be harder than it seems. Disappointment, frustration and lack of toleration make the strength to not give up even harder...

In search of identity
In search of self
To find one's purpose in this place
On this Earth
For what is life without meaning
Other than existence with no goal
No offer, no service
No use for anything at all

Freedom is nice and calming
Indulging and both charming
But too much may lead to wither
You need schedule in your life
A purpose to give you light
Something to make you differ

And yet that search may be destructive
Cause losing your way is more than likely
The paths to follow too many to take
Right way, left... and you went astray
Decide now while all is at the front
Choose wisely which is the one you want
And if the answer be so wrong
Another loss is what you won
And yet all is not so binding
You just need a better timing
The right choices, the right place
The maturity to learn from your past mistakes
And even if persistently you lose now and then
Head back to the start
And try again.

© 2016 The AshKat Projects

Author's Note

The AshKat Projects
I do realise that probably I have made several grammar/-structure mistakes some of them on purpose some of them by accident. Didn't really think this one through though. It just came out in a moment of outburst. I hope you enjoy this :)

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it can be a lonely road, but one we all must travel nevertheless. we all search for meaning in our lives. you capture how it feels so well with this. it is hard, but as you say in ending - 'Head back to the start
And try again.' nice job.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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optimism, the essence of life ... bones shattered but smile on the face... casino-broke but still healthy and enjoying the dawn... that's the spirit! the essence of living to die another day (it made me put the old Maddona James Bond-ost on the stereo)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on May 31, 2016
Last Updated on May 31, 2016
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The AshKat Projects
The AshKat Projects

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