The Eyes That Rain Above Me

The Eyes That Rain Above Me

A Story by Augusto Cruz

The meditations of a lonely mercenary that became tired of been a paid killer.


The Eyes That Rain Above Me

How many changes must a man endure throughout this journey called life, to finally rest peacefully and feel alive? How many lonely sorrowful moons must a soul bear before it is lost forever?

The stars look below, like shining tears from the heavens, as if they knew the sadness that lies in solitude and a conscience blackened by the blood of others, shed without just cause. How does a man escape a past that hunts him down like his shadow during daylight and even in the night, when only the earth moans and it's night creatures celebrate the absence of light, nightmares of old shine through the few hours left to sleep, when the body cannot stand been awaken by fright a second more.

Fearless men must dread closing their eyes, for sins, the finest of the hunters, chase it's victims through the hands of human enemies, dreams of darkness and the misfortune of living without love, without a home... without a living soul within.

Eyes that rain above me, tell me it is for me and that there is hope. Cry me a song of a new day. Show me, tears of the Ancient, the rainbow that means the pact between you and us mortals. Tell me please, if you have mercy, that there is redemption and a clear mind from this madness that has cursed me to kill since the earliest I can remember. Give me your hand, I pray to you, so that I do not die without a chance to amend, in any way you want, the sorrow and pain caused by my blinded will, each time I yielded my sword... And I will forever be loyal to someone for the first time in my life, and it will be to you... My God! 

~ Augusto Cruz (Crronicles of Lord Gewählt Anatas Dragon)

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Augusto Cruz
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Added on July 7, 2011
Last Updated on July 7, 2011
Tags: cry, obscure, warrior, sins, forgiveness, God, redemption


Augusto Cruz
Augusto Cruz

Carolina, Caribbean, USA., Puerto Rico

Yo Soy Augusto Cruz: Augusto Cruz, cuyo nombre real es Héctor Augusto García Cruz, soy yo, un escritor aficionado de muchas obras y obritas de diversos géneros, tanto en ingl&e.. more..