Crush - Chapter 2

Crush - Chapter 2

A Story by B30

Crush - Chapter 2

"Guess who's back!" My aunt called out, seemingly ecstatic despite lunging at the information she was caught up in moments after reading the newspaper. "Kenji's over there, you might want to go over and say hi." The thing is, I was going to. There was no way I was not going to introduce him, especially since it's his second visit. 

"I know. I mean, I see that." I placed my bag on the ground just beside the cabinet which was fixated with worksheets, an 80's radio and the television controller. "Why did he come down?" 

"He said he wanted to talk to you. You know, it's your holiday and it's his too. So, you guys might want to have a chat behind the kitchen." My uncle responded, who too was busy typing out a resume for his job. He's been out of it for the past 8 months, something my aunt was privately haunting, but never publicly owning. 

"Okay. I'll do that." With that, I went over to the room that my cousin was in. His eyes was fixed to the computer screen despite me making noises by mangling the alarm clock and purposely knocking my feet into the closet. Yeah, he was concentrated no doubt, I thought. I managed to give him a pat on the back. "Hey!", I exclaimed. 

"Ben! When did you come back?" His eyes finally left, and with conviction, that it sold to me that we've never talked since I went away two years ago. All those feelings of clearly being separated was gushing down my brain. 

"Well, just. How's everything going on so far? And why'd you come alone?" He was two years younger than me, and something that really didn't matter much. I'd hoped that he had joined me when he made up his mind on which secondary school he'd went. Or even going to the same one with his sister would be an obvious choice. 

"I just wanted to see you. It's been so long. I also think my sis wants to speak to you." 

"Your sister? Why would she want to speak to me?" I was confused. 

"I think it's got something to do with grandma, the maid and auntie." By auntie, he meant my mom. I'd hate to say it: my mom was utterly stubborn and really firm in everything she does. That means even talking back and hammering on the facts that it was already the fourth maid that we'd hired prior to the incidents that had happened before. 

"She's here?" 

"Yeah. She's just down the streets. I'm leaving in 15 minutes, and she expects you to meet her there as well." Oh God. I've had enough trouble for a day, and now it's been sapping my energy even more ever since recalling a dreadful encounter five years ago. 

"I guess so then. You wanna' go now?" 

"Not so fast. She's still buying some drinks." I nodded to show understanding. "Hey, see this. I've beaten your high score and now you're second!" He points to the screen showing me one of the few single-player games I've ever played. I was happy he'd dethroned me, since I wasn't really particular about gaming nor had any sort of professionalism to it, despite getting into online tournaments with a bunch of friends and get knocked out in the second round on three separate occasions. 

"Oh really? Now it's my turn." 

10 minutes passed by so suddenly, and a call from Joyce down the living room could be heard. 

"Ben! She's asking you to go down now!" My aunt calls, as I gesture to Kenji that it was time to go. "Don't stay out too far or too late." 

"What? Look, I'm 17. If that isn't any indication that I should be more or less scripted to make my own decisions, and take care of myself, then it should've been warranted." 

"Just stay safe," she says, with major emphasis on the word 'safe'. I pretended to hear it and was off the house in moments. 

The street of the West in Singapore is pretty cramped, especially the roads. Cars not even being aware of the situation and just speeding despite having an already shrunk path. The pavements at least were decently obscure and navigated safety for the pedestrians. Kenji and I moved off the side, and crossed the roads as I attempted to reach for Joyce. 

"Hello? Joyce?" 

"Where are you Ben? I'm at the nearest coffee shop just around the corner. Meet me there." With that, she hangs up and my hatred for her continues to grow forcefully. After a sharp turn, we finally saw the silhouettes of Joyce, before she waved to us and beckoned to the seats. I smiled in rigged fashion as we all sat down. 

"I've heard from your aunt that you've had therapeutic sessions just before, right?" 

"You know, that's not something you want to talk to when you meet a long-distance cousin for almost two years." I wanted to drop that subject, as my personality really shoved it out of the bubble. 

"Okay, relax. I just wanted to say that after all these exams have finished, I wonder if you're ever gonna' return home." Before she could say why, the drinks arrived as she called for two cups of coffee and tea for Kenji. "I bought you coffee Ben. Now thank me." 

"What?" I accepted the coffee before digesting what she said. "Thanks for the coffee Joyce," I replied sarcastically. 

"At least you're more of a youthful shell now. The past few years back at your house has been a mess." She said, biting her lips and checking her new phone for notifications. 

"I don't get it." 

"Grandma. And, there's more." She eyed Kenji, was still sweeping away the ice cubes off the cup. "You know Ken, didn't you want to go buy a computer game?" 

"Yeah," he said, sipping on the straw. "But I don't have the money." 

"I do. Mom's given me enough, and here's $30. It's more than enough," she deposited into his hands and he counted it. "You don't trust me?" 

"Now you relax. He's just taking a closer look," I defended Kenji. 

"Okay," he says and gets off to walk to the convention corner just round the coffeeshop. 

"You were forcing him to deter us from our conversation," I said, knowing her actions. 

"Next time, remember me to tell me that your mother has a sick attitude." 

"Seriously? That's all the s**t you're gonna' say?" 

"Listen to me. Your mother's been all up back home, and she's even claiming that the maid's been stealing some of her clothes to wear," she spoke with enthusiasm as I put the tip of my fingers on to my forehead. "Not only that, but grandma's also been complaining of the lack of cigarettes that she's had for a single day." 

"First of all my pretty cousin, this ain't the first time." 

"Hell s**t this ain't the first time!", she fired up. 

"Well then what do you want me to do? Go up there tell grandma that your dad also picked out most of the cigarettes? If your dad doesn't pay for what he owes, then my dad ain't gonna' get him what he doesn't owe. Do you understand?" 

"Okay, we can throw that out of line, but your mother's been ripping apart the maid and she's even claiming that she can't watch the television programmes because your mother keeps changing them!" The conversation was rapidly increasing, and the ferocious contributions by Joyce and I was explosive. This was going to get out of hand I wondered, and I really didn't want to cause as much problems as I did to myself. 

"You know my mother, and you've been there long enough. How come I've heard rumours that your second sister's been peeping into affairs she isn't bound to? And she's even been up and mighty calling my mother that she shouldn't do this nor that. When the hell does the rule states that the second generation should be making judgements and calls for something that the first generation should be doing? Why don't you answer me that?" My temper was raising rapidly, but if I don't cool it down, the table will soon be flipped. 

"You know, I wouldn't care as much, but my mother-" 

"Your mother makes the worst calls in history. What's she done now, a job with no pay? Stuck at home watering plants all day? So she's got the efforts to come in and choke on the fact that the maid's business accompanied by my mother is soon going to retaliate in her face? You're lucky I ain't back there or I'll show them mental punching gloves in three seconds, your mother and your sister," I exclaimed, having had enough of the issues back over at my dad's house, or rather, my house. 

"You don't talk like that about my mother," as she stands up with her finger triggering directly at my face. 

"And you don't talk like that about my mother as well," as I ditto her actions, pushing away the finger. "This could've been alright." 

"Alright? I've had enough." 

"No. I've had enough. Once Kenji comes back we're done, you guys will go." 

"We will talk soon," Joyce says as I raise my right hand up. 

"When I'm ready. And when you're ready." 

"I'm always ready," she says as I glance and turn away. 

The day couldn't have been worse. Thinking that my only problems were poring it out to Teal, it seems I may have incurred a much bigger mess. I was going to go home in a week's time, and despite all the transitions occurring around me, I had to clear it either way. After powering through a tight conversation with my cousin, I just wished she wouldn't throw herself into this already lit-up flamethrower. As long as my dad, mom, grandma and my aunt would just stop this relenting mess, then all would be well. Why would I confiscate my own soul just to be casually exerting force on something I know I shouldn't even be handling? This truth was starting to get nasty. 

I returned home thereafter, and was just in time for lunch. Hoping there would be no further indications of upheaval that would cause an even bigger torment on me, I sat down and pried apart the chicken wings. 

"What did your cousin say?", my aunt asked, as her food was dumped onto her own plate. My uncle was still busy trying to rip apart the ribs. 

"Which?", I wanted to confirm. 


"Joyce? Oh, nothing much. It's just, you know, catching up and so on," I said, hoping not to attract the attention of the contents. 

"That's great. You two have always gotten along pretty well. I'm not surprised you two can even develop this thing further. You still remembered when you were young, she said that she liked you?" I almost choked on the meat I was having venison for. 

"Seriously? That was like 12 years ago and you're bringing that up in dinner? Goodness gracious," I implied. I've shown enough respect, and due where it's at. But sometimes, so as not to snap an already thin thread, it's best to just stop where it's necessary. 

"Relax Ben. It's just a joke," she comforted me. "By the way how did the therapeutic sessions with doctor Hayes go?" 

"Well, it's great. I get to call him Teal and I might be meeting him more on Sundays since I'm going back home next week." 

"Right. I almost forgot about that. Anyways your dad and mom are coming down for breakfast tomorrow. I'm giving you until midnight to stop your games." And that meant spending lesser time with Jun Hao. I could appease that by saying I will, or not by just disobeying. 

"I will try," I replied, having a mix of both positives and negatives. 

"There is no try. They'll be here as early as 11. Don't let him wait like last time." 

"When did I ever make him wait?" 

"You took your time getting done to get down. He's getting frustrated with you as well." So she's pushing the blame to me. 

"I'm not the only one. You're Christian work was also delaying the whole thing. So I'm the wrongfully accused one because I sleep late and wake up late." 

"Then don't sleep late and don't wake up late. Let's forget that first and let's dine on our food," as she munched on the remains of the chicken meat. I was glad that it ended at that. I surely wasn't going to puke on my own plate especially knowing how perplexed this situation has grown to be. All I needed was one long rest as I texted Jun Hao to say that I might not be able to play today. 

"It's okay. Get some rest. I might not be able to play tomorrow. I've got dance practice during the afternoons, so I guess it'll be at night again." Another day of not getting to spend time sharing personal conversations with one of my best friends. I guess it was better. Another day for me to start searching and thinking; something I haven't done for the past few months. 

© 2013 B30

Author's Note

Please tell me if there are grammar problems! And if you guys like it I may do more! I think it depends on whether I have time though. Thanks for readings!

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