Betrayal: A gruesome tale inspired by the glorious mind of Edgar Allen Poe

Betrayal: A gruesome tale inspired by the glorious mind of Edgar Allen Poe

A Story by Klee

A Short Story inspired by "A Tell Tale Heart" and "A Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe.



A gruesome tale inspired by the glorious mind of Edgar Allen Poe


Betrayal deep in my core, I can stand the treachery no longer. I must carry out this task promptly. I think of a beau ideal: I will take chagrin woman from her boudoir and encase her in a casket. All troubles will disappear.

         A peaceful state of mind, I have the best slumber I’ve ever experienced. I begin to ponder the location of the burial. Nearby in a small village is a cloister, surrounded by hillocks, a foolproof arrangement to end the misery in which I’ve had to bear.

         I awake grinning; Abigale questions my exuberance for normally I am melancholy. But soon she will become aware of my brilliant plan and finally will come to her demise.

         She prepares for rest in her nightdress, while I prepare for her death. On the bedside table lies a brass candleholder, as soon as her dreams begin, I creep up alongside her and lambaste the occiput and gashes her skull. A river of blood flows down her trembling back. I carry the limp body to the tomb.

         When I arrive back to my chamber, silence fills the air, wondrous lull that I have achieved, I have never felt so gay.

         The following fortnight my days fill with joy and halcyonic thoughts, on the fifteenth night I begin to feel a burning on the back of my skull. I lay in bed feeling the sensation of insects crawling throughout my body, nipping on my skin, feeling caved in with no way of escaping. The piercing scream of Abigale invaded my mind; she craves for just one last breath, one last sight, being free from the darkness, being free from death.

         The next several nights I experience the same sensations, my sanity is beginning to leave. Constantly I think of her, hear her, and feel her presence. What does she want from me?

         The next night I plan to find her. At dusk, I light a candle and find my way to her.  I dig at the earth with my bare hands, and pry open the wood to reveal… my Abigale is gone.

© 2012 Klee

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Added on December 19, 2012
Last Updated on December 19, 2012
Tags: gruesome tale, Edgar Allen Poe, short story, horror




I am a high school student and I love writing short stories and poems. My favorite writer is Edgar Allen Poe. I would love to hear what you think of my work, thank you more..

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A Story by Klee

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A Story by Klee