Retort (Like a Girl)

Retort (Like a Girl)

A Poem by Poe Redd

the sky doesn't know how we cradle the earth

holding it in place and the stars are laughing

I think you should be here, maybe disconnected, love's gone hazy

being here I can't believe that you betrayed me

keeping all the bodies down, you betrayed me

never did I want to live if you can't save me

all along the moon was right, crying "obey me"

on your far side lies awaken to replace in us

our hearts with pens that bleed only sad songs

your fast-fading constellation

will be tried

on Judgement Day, then to fire

your star is broken

can't you point it right back to me, I will love it, drive it crazy

piano clouds, sharp sounds

lots of pointless love

the wolf knows where you are

would you like a head-start?

stealing every cloudless night, let you forget me

I don't want to feel you exist then forget me

how many sweet moments you failed to upset me

now you are not even here, somehow you cut me

being here alone I fear that you betrayed me

choking words to waste my tear, you betrayed me

if stars would fall I'd tell you here, go on, rape me

even the moons frowns at you, you betray

like a girl.

© 2012 Poe Redd

Author's Note

Poe Redd
reflecting. denying denial.

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? umm, did something happen? I mean, no duh something happened, but the rape part has my over-imaginative min spinning. I like this. For it's painful truth, and for the humanity in this. noone's perfect.
Beautiful, as always poe. :) Wonderfully written.:)
:) like the pic too

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh it seems like old vampire movie song! :) I liked the last verses most, where the voice who is "betrayed" become so high and angry on his beloved...and "you betray like a girl"? so dramatic feeling!

Posted 9 Years Ago

So many strong terms in this poem. Each one create a different vision and story.
"piano clouds, sharp sounds
lots of pointless love
the wolf knows where you are
would you like a head-start?"
I enjoyed the thoughts and statements in this poem. Thank you for the excellent poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on March 31, 2012
Last Updated on March 31, 2012
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Poe Redd
Poe Redd

Ontario, Canada

I'm back!! Will update all this nonsense soon. Much new writing to arrive shortly. Not a place for children. more..

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