A story

A story

A Poem by Immortal

It's my first official Slam-type poem, so go easy.

In your world, things are perfectly askew. And in this hell, I am worthless to you. You beat and bludgeon and break and baffle, but still, when its time to draw from this raffle of life you expect hope and happiness from years of tumultuous torture to come from me. You expect to get and have all the attention of a we, but I think it's time you really do see what you have done to me. 
When I was merely fresh, and new to this game, I first saw you and I wanted your name. My grin to win worked wonderfully, you then shoving me face-first into a dirty love of secrecy. Even exempting entitlement from a secret escapade didn't stop you from getting your twisted way. Your world at night is scary and cold, that will still affect me when I am years old. It will still happily haunt me, chasing me into the corner of my spherical mind for years before I will break free.  But when things got groovy, another caught me moving, and showed me what it was like to feel. She kept her promises and told no lies, and the only question I have is why. Why was I so morosely maddened by the filming of that flick, to go and kiss that chick. And all throughout this while, you were sitting in denial, wondering how it would feel. Feel to have power and be loved and enjoyed, and to know that no matter what, sitting here was this boy. 
You wanted to fly and know that I would be here to give you a ride. Your basics were secure, and I was getting boring, so when you asked him, he said sure. Now this other guy, keep in mind, is the reason to why I can write this now. He helped me through some s**t, and because of it, I can be stronger. My state of mind would be still stolen and those lies that you have woven may still be held.
But for no longer will I be shackled to you. You will never again control me through. I have done everything for you, I have guided you, I have helped you through all of it. But now, when you can do nothing but turn your back on me, it's the real you I really see. 
A succubus. 

© 2011 Immortal

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Added on July 2, 2011
Last Updated on July 2, 2011



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