That One Weird Cat

That One Weird Cat

A Story by BattleAxePirate

You know that one cat? That cat that just isn't normal? That cat that acts like a guard dog? Or that cat that chases shadows? Or that cat that makes faces at you? Or that cat that twitches...

 Don't you ever wonder what that cat is thinking? Sitting on the porch across the street watching you as walk home from school. Maybe it's thinking that it wants to go to school. Or maybe... Maybe it's wondering if you have homework. Or maybe... Maybe it's just hungry and it's hoping it's owner will feed it supper soon?
 Don't you ever wonder what that cat is thinking? Perched up on the fence while you weed the garden? Maybe it's thinking about that mouse it buried in your poppies two days ago, and if you've found it. Or maybe... Maybe it's thinking about catnip, and why you never plant any. Or maybe... Maybe it's thinking if it perches up there long enough one stupid bird will land there next to it? 
 Don't you ever wonder what that cat is thinking? Curled up on your face when you wake up in the morning. Maybe it's thinking if it sits there long enough you'll wake up and feed it. Or maybe... Maybe it's thinking your face might be cold and it wants to warm it up. Or maybe... Maybe your face just looks like a nice place to sleep?
 Don't you ever wonder what that cat is thinking? Sprawled out on it's back on the sidewalk. Maybe it had an itch on it's back. Or maybe... Maybe it's putting it's sent on the ground. Or maybe... Maybe it just can't get enough of the sidewalk?
 Don't you ever wonder what that cat is thinking? Sitting ever so stealthily on your roof with that cool look. Maybe it just wants to be up high. Or maybe... Maybe it's hiding from the neighbor's dog. Or maybe... Maybe it's plotting an attack for world domination?

© 2012 BattleAxePirate

Author's Note

I really do like writing silly little things to lift up people's spirits. I hope that someone will be having a bad day, read this, and maybe feel a little bit better! By the way... We all know that one cat XD I'd love to hear what your favorite part was in a review!

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Added on June 10, 2012
Last Updated on June 10, 2012
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A Chapter by BattleAxePirate