A Conversation With My Son

A Conversation With My Son

A Poem by Baz

This is pretty typical of the kind of conversation that my son and I have!



Yes, son?

How can a fly climb the length of a wall
And hang upside-down on the roof and not fall?
And how does the milk get inside of a cow?
How does it happen, dad? Please tell me how!


And how can a wiggle-worm live under the ground?
And where can the end of a rainbow be found?
And where is the wind if I see nothing there?
Where are the answers, dad? Please tell me where!


And are planets so tiny because they're so far?
And how many stars do you think that there are?
And where is the moon when its not in the sky?
Why won't you tell me dad? Please tell me why!


And do monkeys not fall from the trees when they sleep?
And exactly how far can a kangaroo leap?
And when does a chicken turn into a hen?
When does that happen, dad? Please tell me when!


And how does a snake move around without feet?
And why do Chihuahuas just look half complete?
And who was it thought that a cow should say moo?
Who has the answers, dad? Please tell me who!


And what is the reason the dinosaurs died?
And what makes the ebb and the flow of the tide?
And how many legs has a millipede got?
What is the answer, dad? Please tell me what!


You know I would love to stay right here and chat.
But I'm far too incredibly busy for that.


© 2017 Baz

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Wow, I like it. I like it a lot. Isn't it funny that we asked almost identical questions?
Sort of creepy! A different style though as you are having this conversation with your son and mine was more from a kid's point of view. I liked it though, and the rhyming couplets are catchy too. Nice work Baz and maybe great minds DO think alike after all :D

Posted 13 Years Ago

I love this! It's truly magical to hold a child's words in your heart, and it brings a smile to my face. Nice write, friend! :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

Some children's minds seem to race as faster than their mouths, and that is a fete. LOL But, the inquisitive ones are often the ones with high IQ's. Thanks for sharing this wonderful rhyme.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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