Suffocating (In a way I've come to expect)

Suffocating (In a way I've come to expect)

A Poem by Beatrice Mars

Forget you.


I try to remember you

While I try to forget.

I learn every last detail,

Then put it

Somewhere safe

Where it is lost forever.



(Stuck adrift in time

I can never be sure

of when,

what or,


whom I

Speak. I apologise)



(You make me cry)

Your hold on me is


(With possibilities)

Despite your apparent absence


Your hold on the

Colours of the

World has thrown me

Into a life of monochrome.


Your licence on

Imagining and your

Decisions concerning

Balloons have given me



Your invitation

To infidelity

Has me questioning your


I think I'm a little biased.


I told you "I can't be

Bothered anymore."

You asked me:

"Why aren't you dead?"

I tried you explain:

"It's like when you're tired

But you don't want to sleep."

You're scared?


I don't want

To turn the

Music off."

You're too lazy?


The music's really good -

My favourite

songs keep coming on -

I'm just really tired."

I don't understand

"Me neither"






There are a few

(a lot)

Of things I

Need to confront

(Admit to myself)

Before I let you in.



There are a lot of things I'll never let

You learn.

But I think

(I assume)

You already know;

I'm prone to the dramatic.








These bubbles are killing me slowly,

Drowning my brain in almost


But when they burst and hit my skin

They burn and sting.


I see your face through

A battlefield of liquid rainbows,

Your dimpled smile is frozen in


But I see your confusion;

You don't understand (,) 

You lost everything.


(I turned the music off)




Again I apologise, I'm tired

© 2010 Beatrice Mars

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Again - I love it when you write. I'm so tired this almost makes sense :L urm.. i can't actually remember anything else i thought but maybe one day i'll read this again and leave you a decent review :) (insert little heart here) < because they never work xx

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on July 15, 2010
Last Updated on November 25, 2010
Tags: Forget, Bubble, Balloon, time, talk


Beatrice Mars
Beatrice Mars

United Kingdom

I'm an 19 year old girl. Of all the souls that stand create I have elected one. When sense from spirit files away, And subterfuge is done; When that which is and that which was Apart, intr.. more..