Idiots and Semi-related Stuff

Idiots and Semi-related Stuff

A Story by Becky Lawrence

Oh how they make my day.

So I'm minding my own business on the internet, listening to Creep by Radiohead. And I'm just sitting back with my headphones on thinking 'Man, this song is great'. It reminds me of random things in my youth that are completely non-related. This song means a lot to me for some reason. I only just recently found my dad's Kid A CD and gave it a listen and it all sounded so familiar, like I had known it all my life. Well, I do. My dad played this song every week with Gerty (a band he was in) and that was pretty rad to me, remembering a song after all these years. (I was a toddler when Gerty still existed, so that's roughly 15 years ago). But, that's besides the point.
I scroll down, curious as to what people are commenting on the song. And a lovely little idiot of a girl left a rant about how Radiohead is a rubbish band full of Twilight vampire loving emo homosexuals and they ruined Miley Cyrus' song and turned it into mainstream s**t. I reread the comment a few times to make sure I didn't read wrong and this girl was being serious.
Well. You gotta love morons, right?
I'm glad that I'm a recluse, because if I had to deal with people like that face to face I would explode. I'm intolerant of ignorant people. I'm also intolerant of intolerant people, therefore making me a hypocrite, but that doesn't matter right now.
Why are there so many obnoxiously unintelligent people in the world? I know everyone has their own stereotypes and opinions in their minds, but why can't more people be willing to open their eyes once in a while? I hate having to argue with people over such silly things as the clothes someone wears (no, just because she doesn't wear aeropostale doesn't make her a dykey c**t), the way someone speaks (an accent or speech impediment isn't a crime people), a person's religion (a person can be Muslim and not a terrorist), or even a person's color (not all Mexicans jump the border, not all Black people steal cars and deal drugs, not all Asians are Chinese (India is in Asia, imagine that!!!), not all Chinese go 'ching chang chong', not all African people wander around nude making clicking sounds to speak, not all Australians look and talk like Steve Irwin and go CRIKEY! all the time, British people don't go aye, mate after every sentence, not all people that look like they are from the middle east and are in an airport are going to hijack a plane, not all Irish people are drunks or redheads, not all countries are third world countries (yes, kids, there are streets in other countries instead of dirt roads and shacks) not all German's wander around with a beer and lederhosen, ) Those are all things I have heard. I fear for the future, because if anyone I know becomes an important figure, the world is absolutely fucked.
But, I've ran out of things to rant about. Now I'm going to whine about my sunburn to myself until I can find lotion for it.

© 2011 Becky Lawrence

Author's Note

Becky Lawrence
Well, people piss me off. Simple as that. Also, I might make a less pissed off, more thoughtful thing about stereotypes. I just need to get a lot out because I haven't been talking to anyone lately.

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People piss me off too, Down with people!! Heh. I can only agree with you to be honest, there are people out there who have no idea what they are talking about, well said my friend. Keep on ranting, it's good for your health:)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on July 6, 2011
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Becky Lawrence
Becky Lawrence

I've been writing since seventh grade. It started as a hobby and became an addiction. I have become an insomniac because of the thoughts and ideas going on in my head. I will read most read request.. more..