French Fries

French Fries

A Poem by Belle Starr

There would be no Ketchup if it weren't for the Fries!


Are the delectable potatoes called French fries

Really from the country of France?

Or, were they actually invented in secret,

By some person from here just by chance?

I often sit by idly pondering

From where in the world they first came.

If they went by a name such as feet,

I would dearly love them the same.

They are particularly nice little spuds,

With a great deal of ketchup and salt.

I have a best friend called Pygmalion,

Who dips them in her cold chocolate malt.

Thinking about these special tubers!

Is the "French" part perhaps a small clue?

I contemplate the name some more,

Crunching it in my mouth as I chew.

I feel sorry for the lesser potatoes,

Like baked, or scalloped, even mashed.

My favorites are the fried little darlings,

Like tots, or plain fried, even hashed.

SO! Today's my yearly celebration,

Eat fries, be merry, and dance!

To our special French fried potatoes,

Who may've been invented in France. 


© 2018 Belle Starr

Author's Note

Belle Starr
Another one for my students!

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I need to 'Ketchup' With my sense of humor or you'll be 'Fryerd".

Posted 3 Years Ago

"Why,french fry guy?" I said with a sigh. Why not wright about pie instead of that french fry. Cus I would rather die then eat another fry. But seriously this made me so happy i wanted to cry french fry guy

Posted 3 Years Ago

Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

Wyrn, thank you for your cute poem in response to my work. LOL It was cute. I wrote this poem for.. read more
Oh my gosh, so entertaining😂!
The “great deal of ketchup” is important.

Made me smile.

Posted 3 Years Ago

H L Rose

3 Years Ago

Of course! It’s cute and comedic for all generations.
Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

Thank you, again. You've brought a smile to my face tonight!!
H L Rose

3 Years Ago

😆 That makes me so happy!
Lol! Only North Americans call them french fries! In England, where they were surely invented to go with fish and pea fritters, they are called 'chips'!

If I were a regular potato,
I'd rather my name was chip,
I don't want to be called pretentiously 'French',
Or people might think I'm a drip!

More great fun. Thanks, Belle.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

Hey, Iron, I have a question for you.... What do they call fries in Canada?

I love .. read more
The Iron Horseman

3 Years Ago

Fries! lol!
Also what we call 'potato chips' the Brits call 'crisps'.
You should check.. read more
God, I love a nice portion of french fries, maybe with cheese on, or maybe with a condiment of tomato ketchup, I think french fries have to be my favourite food. Your poem is making me hungry, haha. Anyways, nice poem, I like it. This is rather what you have said on your profile, 'Simple minded with simple ideas'. This is quite a simple idea yet it doesn't take effort to make it, yet people can still enjoy it whether you have put minimum effort into it or maximum effort, I am sure your poetry will always be appreciated. Have a wonderful day. 100/100.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

Thank you for your response!! Sometimes, things just have to be written about. I am sure I should .. read more

3 Years Ago

Do whatever you want, your poems make smile so any poem you will publish, from A-Z will make me smil.. read more
haha cute!! Never has a French fry had so much attention ;p

Posted 3 Years Ago

Belle Starr

3 Years Ago

Thank you!!! Sometimes you just have to get the questions of silliness out there. I am glad you en.. read more
As a kid, I always thought about that one question. "Were french fries REALLY made in France?" Because to me, sure, the name was 'FRENCH' fries, but thinking about that makes you think about if they were made in America, or any other state in the USA. "I have a best friend called Pygmalion,
Who dips them in her cold chocolate malt." I really like this part because Pygmalion is someone who acts different, and I've once already tried chocolate malt and french fries before, and the example for her is amazingly intelligent. This has a silly touch to it, beginning and end, which makes me feel how this poem goes. It goes from a question many people asked as kids, or thought about, and then it gets funnier along the reading of this. I implore that you would make more poems like this, or others. I've been a big fan of your poems, even if a comment isn't on. I hope you could continue, and thank you for reading this if you have. -Broken_Hearts

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on March 5, 2018
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Belle Starr
Belle Starr


I am a simple minded person with simple ideas. more..


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