Interstellar Circlejerk

Interstellar Circlejerk

A Story by BenAndersan

A space odyssey ( raunchy themes) Written for for my senior college english class


Chapter I

Here up on S.S. MakeLove its a real hoot. We don’t have to abide by each of our home world's social taboos. We’ve already ‘abandoned clothing. We have few rules onboard. You have to share holes, don’t pair up. Cum inside, in zero gravity s**t just floats around, hard to clean (this ones meant to be broken). Everybody gets one day off a week, other than that expect anal anytime. Saturday is the Captain’s day, make him feel special. Those who don’t abide these rules are sexually tortured, whips, humiliation, hardcore anal, and choking. “ - Morty.

“Alright guys stop your jerkin’. Time to explain our current mission.” Captain Crunk stated. “Will there be f**k in butt?” Asked Vilgax. “No f**k in butt.” Crunkmaster replied. “We have to inspect the Emperor's new groove. Hes been acting strange lately, as if preparing for a major fuckfest. Not the fun kind.” Crunkstor explained. “Do you think s***s gonna get real Crunklord?” Inquisited Obamaniqua. “Hopefully not my fine presidentress.”-Crunk. “Perhaps he is only preparing due to the widespread outbreak of n*****s.” Crunkjunk said positively. “N*****s are definitely no laughing matter.” -Morty. “F**k you guys.” - Obamaniqua. “Oh s**t I forgot you’re half n****r, sorry.”-Crunkster. The meeting having been complete, they filled the room with sweat, semen, and many non-human sexual fluids.

Chapter II

The room reeked of incestual buttfuck, smells of cum, blood, and sore a*****e. Once the men are finished, they all retreat to their shared bunks. The buttfuck is not done yet. The young hearted men go at it once again making sweet passionate buttloving. Obamaniqua says “My a*s is so sore I want to blow my f*****g earlobe, neck and cheek off with a .22 caliber rifle.” Krunkmomma announces, “ Please dont do that! Your a*****e is the tightest and sweetest of them all!” The conversation is dropped and the men go to sleep.

It is now morning on S.S. MakeLove, the sun is beautifully peaking out behind Uranus. Vilgax woke up in horror of his own nightmare.” I was fighting that meddling kid Ben Tennison and I almost stuck my fatass chode into his sweet 10 year old tight a*s.” explained Vilgax. “Too bad he turned into the super sammyclassicsonicfan the hedgehog alien and got away.” whined Vilgax. “ Man that sucks!” exclaimed Mummdawg. “I didn’t even know that kid existed, I thought it was just a cartoon.” “Hey, lets go see what Obamaniqua is up to so I can get my mind off of Ben’s tight 10 year old a*s.” said Vilgax. “Alright” everyone agrees.

Chapter III

Vilgax strode into Obamaniqua’s quarters. The song “evry1sdientostrttheshow” from hauntedween, a film circa 1991, was playing. Nobody knew what it was ,nor did they give a s**t. Obamaniqua’s hindquarter was staring Vilgax in the face. It was then that the a*s cheeks spread and spoke.

“I know of your self-destructive thoughts” it said raspily. “F**K ME IN MOUTH” it begged. Vilgax obliged and inserted his 24 inch long/wide Horse chode/cube into Obamaniqua’s slot. He fucked her so hard. She creamed all over his light green c**k. when he removed it the head was red and his dick looked like a shamrock A green pillar with a white creamy coating and a cherry on top. Obamaniqua stood and stared into his eyes aimlessly. She fell over on the ground dead. Vilgax panicked and exclaimed “ oh no I done a very bad thing. Mummdawg finna be real madd at me.”

Vilgax exited the room and ran to an escape pod. He got in and pressed the launch key. He was propelled immediately at least 250 feet from the craft where almost instantaneously upon arrival the vehicle exploded. Killing Vilgax and throwing green space goo/cum all over.

Mummdawg walked into Obamaniqua’s quarters hoping to find vilgax. Upon his arrival he found the carcass of the dead half n****r c**t. About 15 pints of blood and cum had been expelled from her anus. Mummdawg knew instinctively that his mentally handicapped companion had committed this atrocity. Sure Vilgax seemed smart but all he could really do was make buttfuck and build shelves. Drill.jpgMummdawg left the room in search of (reference to that old show hosted by spock) his f*****g mongoloid retard buttbuddy.

Chapter IV

There was the sun just above the clouds, harps were playing, and fine a*s hoes were flying with beautiful wings. “Am I in Heaben?” Vilgaks questioned. “Youza no-good crazy b*****d Vilgaks.” The giant Ben Tennison said. “Crunk could work his c**k and go to the cathouse if you just go away.” The giant Ben said. “It would be better If I just go find a cave and live alone.” Vilgax said. “You’re goin to hell Vilgax. You dun a bad thing, you can’t tend no soft coks now.” said Obaminiqua. “Does Hell have butt f**k? Does it got soft coks?” Vilgax asked in despair. “No, it ain’t got no butt f**k or sof weners, only Zuul.” said Obaminiqua’s sof cok.

S.S. Makelove was rocking violently in the storm. Everyone was getting splashed. This was a f**k storm of course. “Wheres Vilgax and Obamaniqua?” You ask. “Obaminiqua died, and Vilgax is in hell.” explained Crunkodile.” “What a damned shame, I was fin toke it up with the both of um.” I said.

Chapter V

“Man, I really wanted to smoke some of that loud.” said Mummdawg disappointedly. Morty said” Colt 45 and 2 zig zags baby, thats all we need. We can go to the park after dark and smoke that tumbleweed. As the marijuana burn, we can take out turn f*****g each other in butt. So f**k, f**k, f**k my a*s and take the condom off.” “That sounds like a swell plan.” said Mummdawg. -ALL OF A SUDDEN THE SILHOUETTE OF BEN TENNISON COVERS THE S.S. MAKELOVE-

“It is I.” exclaimed the god-like figure. “I am Ben Tennison, the boy from urban legends to have the nicest a*****e in the entire multiverse. I want to get fucked in the a*s but I will only be penetrated by the best.” said Ben. “Wow its really him” exclaimed the two. “I require you two to have a competition of f*****g. I want you each to find a carcass and f**k it until it comes back to life. Then, and only then may you enter my hole without paying the toll.” said Ben.

“I guess. . . . let’s get to it” says Morty. Im going to win! Im the weiner!” said Mummdawg excitedly. ben meme.gif

Chapter VI

A man rose from his bed as his alarm clock sounded. His feet hit the floor and he moved sluggishly to the bathroom. He brushed his face for the doctor recommended amount of two minutes and then hopped into the shower. When he was done he walked back into his room and dressed himself in a nice sports jacket and a pair of suit pants. He grabbed an orange and a cup of coffee from the pot his wife had brewed earlier that morning and headed out the door. He got into his Pontiac Aztek Rally Edition and backed out of the driveway. The heavy New York traffic was annoying but he was accustomed to it. It took him quite the surmountable sum of time to arrive at his workplace. He stepped out of his vehicle and saw a co-worker walking on the sidewalk up to the door. He greeted and thanked them as they held the entrance open. He walked into the lobby nodding a greeting towards many familiar faces and stepped into an elevator. The small place was packed and stunk of pungent business employee scum. When he stepped out onto the 94th floor of the building he walked immediately to his work space. By this time it was 8:45 A.M. and he was just beginning the day when a dark shadow fell upon his building. He stood up and gazed out the big glass windows of the complex. What he saw was a giant f*****g space ship marked S.S. MAKELOVE. The man knew at this point his life would end. He just never expected to be this way. The events on that fateful September morning were horrible in that it was a horrible tragedy but great in the fact that the human race advanced highly from the technology discovered from the wreckage. Nevertheless we suffered great loss on that day.

In Memory - DickFuckMcDoogle

1965-Sept. 11th, 2001

A few hours earlier. . . Mummgak and Mortay were f*****g away at their respective carcasses. All of a sudden Mummdawg’s carcass awoke. It seems that with a combination of friction and just the right amount of love life searched back into the body. Ben Tennison then announced Mummdawg the weiner beaner c**k meat eater. Ben bent over and spread his a*****e lips. The smell was so putrid that Mummdawg was forced to refuse intercourse. Mummdawg then gather all the inhabitants of the S.S. MAKELOVE the captain, obamaniqua, vilgakxz, crunkmaster, crunkodile, crunklord, crunkstor, Krunkmamma, crunk, crunkjunk, and captain crunk. He had them all board an escape vessel and set the ship on course toward earth. The course was locked unchangeable and Morty and Ben knew their fate, but the rest of the clan didn’t know theirs. The escape craft was blasted from the vehicle and blew up 250 feet away spraying intergalactic cum everywhere. The ship flew toward earth at a breakneck face crash was imminent. - 完成�™�-

© 2016 BenAndersan

Author's Note

What do you think about the POV? ignore grammar mistakes, there intitional. English is my 1st language

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