The Running Crew - Chapter 1 Sneak Peek

The Running Crew - Chapter 1 Sneak Peek

A Story by S.P. Wright

Hello, this is my first posting and I'm hoping for some positive feedback. If I like the reviews and comments on this sneak peek I will continue posting more of the story. Enjoy!


To him it seemed as if he was conscious, but that's how it has always been. His

sleep was different from others, the teen's dreams seemed as if he was actually

experiencing them, as if he was entering a new place. He looked around in the

darkness of his mind, looking for the dream to unveil itself. But this time,-

nothing came, his mind could only focus on what happened minutes ago,-

or hours ago, or even days. There was no sense of time in this state of mind,-

but Jackson focused on his last memory. A memory that made repeated waves

of fear fall on Jack, but the impulse to stop thinking about it wasn't strong.

Seeing his whole family torn apart and divided struck Jack like a bolt of

fear,sadness,and emotion. The boy didn't always like his parents, but he was

devastated that he was being taken away from everyone he knew. He remem-

bered the name on the peoples strange looking suits, the people who took him

away. W.C.R., he heard of this name before, supposedly they were a organiza-

tion made to deal with the world's main problems. Jackson was confused,-

where was he being taken?

More time passed in Jackson's head, but he couldn't tell how fast it was going.

Finally, my senses are coming back, Jack waited as his mind seemed to slowly

seep back into consciousness. His vision and sight starting working again and

his mind jumped back into the present, but when Jack opened his eyes he still

saw black. He quickly noticed that a sack was tied to his head, he felt the warmth

of his breath all over his sweaty face. He heard and felt only the sound of a moving

car and his back to a piece of metal. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead, he

noticed in addition to the sack over his head that his wrists and ankles were tied together,-

only being able to squirm around. He tried to focus his eyes and see through the sack,-

but after several attempts he could only guess that whatever is outside of his vision is

hidden among more darkness. Jack held back his tears as he thought to himself; Am

I being kidnapped?! Why am I tied up?! Where are my parents?! These thoughts shot

through his brain and he started shaking. The boy tried to break free of the binds fastened

on his wrists and on his ankles, but his lack of the necessary strength did not assist him.

So there he sat, only hearing the sound of a car moving, and seeing nothing but the sack.

It seemed forever for Jack when the car finally stopped, a few minutes later he hears

two doors open and is being carried and placed on something. He feels more binds

wrapped around him and one seemed to wrap around the thing he laid on. Shortly

after he feels the cart or “thing” he was tied to start rolling. That was when Jack

started squirming, “Don't even think about it... kid” he heard a voice say,-

Better not to fight it, you'll be with some playmates your age soon”, the

non-welcoming voice snickered. Not long after hearing the man's voice Jack

started hearing loud screeches and screams, a few “help mes” and cries of sadness.

This really startled and scared Jack, would he be with those people? Crying for help

and pleading? Most of the voices sounded like teenagers or young adults, maybe

when that voice meant 'playmates' he meant these people.

He kept hearing the moans and cries, the rolling stopped. He felt a tug at his neck

and began to worry, the tugging continued until he felt a loosening all around his neck.

The silhouette of a hand in front of Jack's eyes pulled the sack over his eyes and head.

As the sack slid off his head a piercing white light shone in Jack's eyes and he had to close

them for a second. He slowly opened his eyes and felt more tugging around his ankles and

hands, all the bindings were taken off and Jack pushed himself to sit up.

He was facing down a long hallway,he looked around. To his right was a white wall with

nothing covering it and to his left were cages, the cages practically reached down to the

end of the hallway where a white door stood. Everything was white here,except the cages,-

which had hands at almost every opening reaching out attempting to grab something.

Jack felt himself being pushed off the metal contraption he was laying on. It looked like

a bed except with a bunch of lights and wires and screens around it. Jack didn't look behind

himself as a man pushed him into a open cell with two other people, which were sleeping

on dirty mattresses in the corner. One boy and the other girl, the man Jack was pushed

by,who wore a white lab coat and a white armored looking mask, stepped out of the cell

whom he pushed the boy in and slid the cell door closed and locked it with a odd looking

key. The sound made by all this woke both the girl and boy who were sleeping up. Jack

turned around quickly when hearing the two of them move the blankets they slept with

off of them. They both stood up quickly and stared at Jack, shortly after, the boy made

a smile, which probably would've looked better for if it wasn't for the situation they found

themselves in, “Welcome to Bright n' White Hell, nice to meet you”. His smile turned into

more of a sarcastic smirk, “I'm Marley, and she's Brianna” , The blond haired guy pointed

at the girl, The girl or Brianna had brown short hair and her eyes looked strangely purple.

Jack stared at both, exchanging looks for what seemed like an hour. Eventually Jack said

the only thing he wanted to know, “Whats going on?!”.

So that was the sneak peek and Chapter 1 of the Running Crew, please leave a comment and I hope you enjoy!

© 2015 S.P. Wright

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Added on July 30, 2015
Last Updated on July 30, 2015
Tags: Dystopian, Young-Adult


S.P. Wright
S.P. Wright

Arcata, CA

Hi, I am a kid whose probably 11-14 right now. I am very determined to write a dystopian series and is very encouraged by lots of the young adult authors like James Dashner,Veronica Roth, and J.K. Ro.. more..