The Witness of Judas

The Witness of Judas

A Poem by M. Lumiére

In the dogmatas of the Church, the defilement of purity is above all sacrosanct.

The Witness of Judas
So came the holy man to the city of Beryl,
where the doors were all open and brimmed with guests.
To all who came, bread and salt was offered,
they would eat together, fill their empty chests
with camaraderie, instead of gold.

They seated the man and brought him water,
dried off the sweat from his heavy brow.
Even if he had come fully naked, 
they would open their arms
to the witch-hunted crowd.

So to them to holy man said;

"Like the rarest gemstones your city shines!
Even those who would hate you
you gladly accept,
much like the Prophets evil forgive,
exalting their souls to the highest gate."

Then came the man to the garden of Shale,
which conquered by vines lay overgrown.
The wild men there guests didn't suffer,
so turned him away at the warning of stone
being tossed with force at his weary head.

They chased him off and left him wounded,
cared not for life which was not their own.
Their houses in ruins,
disease-bearing plankton
seeped into the gardens they called home.

Then to them the holy man said;

"It saddens me to see you so!
Though you've brought me pain
be not afraid,
God will surely take pity,
witnessing here primal Man."

At last came the man to the church of Gold,
filled to the brim with big-bellied men.
Those 'priests,' they were called,
seemed like begging was prayer to them
as they held out their fancy hats.

Should he refuse he would surely be damned,
much like the heretics of the times of yore. 
They reviled the men of the city of Beryl
for they made them feel shameful
yet they were poor.

At last to them the holy man said;

"All ye pastors, Heaven is not for thee!
For you are fat like mosquitoes
and hateful like bulls,
your nature is that of angry scorn,
the home of which in Hell does lie."

© 2022 M. Lumiére

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Added on June 30, 2022
Last Updated on June 30, 2022
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M. Lumiére
M. Lumiére

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