Modern Love / Hate

Modern Love / Hate

A Poem by Daniel Winters

A first draft

Do you remember,
When love was told by our hands and eyes, 
Instead of friend requests,
And X's at the end of the messages?
Before it was a relationship status,
To be posted, 
And commentated on. 
Life isn't an increasing friend list, 
Or galleries of drunken nights,
Or wasted days. 
Life is emotion and time, 
But I don't understand either, 
We'll never understand either. 
When that last grain of sand slips away, 
We'll still won't of described Love or Hate, 
Or Happiness or Loss. 
And we'll never find a better way of saying, 
'I Love You'. 
But I don't care about that, 
And we don't even need words. 
Because when these lights burn out, 
This music stops,
And these screens fade to black,
We'll be all that's left. 
And all we'll have, 
Is Time, 
And Emotion. 

© 2010 Daniel Winters

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Added on October 8, 2010
Last Updated on December 23, 2010
Tags: romance, love, facebook, social, computer, technology, emotion, notes
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Daniel Winters
Daniel Winters

Manchester, United Kingdom

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