A Poem by ALifeAquatic

Constructive Destruction please



Cracked heels,
bought sixty seven quid-
dirt clogged laces
dog s**t not sure, can’t bring myself…

sole peels off and
long nailed dirty toes,
left exposed.

Godot in the extreme.

do tell Vladimir
I’ve been waiting for him…
Estragon also,
but less so.

Feel like a ditty
but don’t sing

what to sing of in no shoes?

Sits under
the table and cries,
a souvenir.

Tastes like s**t,
but it could be chocolate.

A discerning palette,
why yes Sir, do believe so.

Would be best
accompanied by
a simple rosé.

But of course,
can’t afford a new pair of-


Cracked heels,
dirt clogged laces
clearly distressed
they weep hidden
under the table
sole peels off and
dirty long nailed toes
left exposed…

© 2011 ALifeAquatic

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I like the literary references. And your astute examination of the mundane is quite good. I like the sense of humor you bring to the piece. I ENJOYED THIS.

Posted 8 Years Ago

"what to sing of in no shoes?"

"Tastes like s**t,
but it could be chocolate."
you expressed it very very well dude and those two lines took my breath for a while.
The deep meaning of this poem goes too far than usual. Goes straight to the heart, straight to the brain and straight to the soul... You painted that miserable man in a very artsitic way and the idea of the boots is creative... really creative.. adore it

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very unusual. I like it very much. I'm not very good at getting to the deeper meanings of poems I'm afraid. However, it almost seems as though these worn, used boots belong to a used man who has fallen from his station in life. Hence beign on the floor and mentioning rose. Well done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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