Dark Winter Night

Dark Winter Night

A Poem by Chris Lotus

Here I stand once more 
Prepared to go upon the path again 
No gas, no fuel 
My own energy shall be my power source 
No wheels and axles 
I will tread upon with my own two feet 

Forever long, ive been familiar with the path 
By morning and by noon 
Over twists, turn, and trenches 
Through wet and windy weather 
Straining, sweating, in several steps 

I stand not in the morning or noon 
But in the cool, dark, windy night 
I glance ambitously at the road ahead 
As a breeze blows forcefully through me 
Accompanied by small sediment and loose leaves 

Exhaling deeply, I take the first steps of another journey 
My darkest one to this day and movement 
I look forward, I dare not look back 
For behind me, is the brightest thinkg the dark posseses 
Its evil eye.......

My limbs, 
chilled by the cruel cold breeze 
My face, 
frozen by the force of the fierce frost 
My feet, 
still mobile, move on with motivation 

Ive walked for so long, and so swiftly 
Yet im nowhere close to behing home free 
This is the mischief of a black winter night 
One may believe theyve done much 
But returning to realty, you've done so little 

In my mind, im halfway home 
In reality ive gone only a fifth so far 
In my mind, there's no danger or disaster coming 
In reality, evil is eminent

The night continues to watch with its evil eye 
Halfway home-free, now it mocks me with its wild winds 
I tuck my head and proceed forward 
The night pushes at me harder, it pushes me even harder 
I find myself charging the wind 
They push more fiercely, but im able to break through 
I charge and I charge and then...... 
I stop. 

I stopped not on my own judgement 
I stopped by ways of the night 
Only my mind is free 
At that moment, I had some clarity 
Once more I dwell on my mind and reality 
I thought I was breaking the breeze 
It actually captured my carcass...... 
I'm frozen.

I open my eyes and see stars 
Twinkling and twirling 
Gahhh! This vision.... 
Its completely acidic 
Please release me! 

I wake a second time 
Feeling like I swam in the Arctic 
No wonder 
I'm lying in a chilled puddle 

Somehow I have melted 
From that icy pressure 
And ended up in an odd place 
I stood up and looked around 

There was only a single path 
No left, right, or back 
I take one step forward 
Two shadows briskly dash by 

An unseen force grips my spine 
Halting me entirely 
I'm frightful and frustrated 
Paralyzed and paranoid 

The path and my surroundings crumble 
I'm chained and strapped to a post 
My skin ages quickly, grows cold, then hardens 
I'm a mere lifeless zombie corpse 
I'm taken by a chain shackled by the neck 
A huge grim figure tosses me away 
The final feeling I feel....BURNING!! 
I take my death defying dip in a lake of lava

© 2013 Chris Lotus

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"The path and my surroundings crumble
I'm chained and strapped to a post
My skin ages quickly, grows cold, then hardens
I'm a mere lifeless zombie corpse "

A splendid read and write....Thank you for penning...:)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on August 5, 2013
Last Updated on August 5, 2013
Tags: Horror, Narrative, Poem


Chris Lotus
Chris Lotus

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