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A convulsion of feelings tore through my mind in that very moment; Staring blankly into her eyes, so clear that I saw my own reflection, in an endless convolution, gawking at my face. Its hidden desperation put me in an enthralling coma, taking me to the most unimaginable of places, through thousands upon thousands of planets that would never be seen by mankind. There I fell in love, and disgraced myself. I was king and beggar, hero and villain, a truth and yet a lie. I met races that were so completely human they left me confused, until they exposed sets of wings, claws, evolved spines and what not. And on the other side of the coin, I saw creatures beyond my wildest dreams, borderline indescribable. Some of these haunted me in my dreams…some still do.

     Tired of moving through space, I decided to test these awakened powers. I saw the beginning of the universe, and its end. I saw the legendary Universal Migrator, unheard of in the tiny, crude world of the humans. He saw me, through me, and told me the one thing I was fearful of hearing. I was him, and he was me. I was, after all, a lie. A dream.  Nothing but revisited memories, a shining mind stuck in a rotting body, somewhere in the cosmos. I grew desperate, and looked up, gazing into the infinity of the universe.  It gazed back, its two eyes reproaching, disappointed even. They bewitched me, and I lost control of my body, of me mind. I felt shackled, and saw the once-grand universe be reduced do smithereens all around me. There was nothing left, no stars, galaxies, life. Only those two giant eyes, and then emptiness; I closed my eyes, and in reopening found those same eyes staring it me once more. I saw kindness and love in them. She smiled and said, ‘Hey, you…still sleeping?’ I said nothing, only smiled back and hugged her tight.

© 2013 John

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Concise and full of pictures but they're too fleeting. Would have liked to read a few reactions to what you saw and felt. Would have liked colours, sounds, scents. A great ending because it's almost too ordinary after such an extraordinary 'journey'.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on March 18, 2013
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