City lights

City lights

A Story by John

Traded themes. Mine was horrible. ):

   Chief engineer Kayne walked around the city of Rishak, making adjustments for what promised to be the best night the city had ever seen. A recent war had damaged most of its districts, and claimed the life of many friends, and while the majority of the citizens were in low spirits, he saw it as a minor setback. Metal parts had to be welded together, fuses had to be placed in their lightboxes, wires had to be connected. "If only my stupid assistant had not died on the war" Kayne though to himself as he ran through the city. This day was special for him, and for others. It symbolized one month since the cease-fire. And he for people to feel happy about it, and look forward to what was to come, instead of brooding over those who already died. Maybe he was tactless, maybe he was being precipitated, but he didn't care. Finally, he reached the town square, which was bustling with people working on the repairs.
     When he arrived at the square, people stopped and stared at him. Most of them still had sadness in their eyes.
     "Listen up, y'all!" He screamed, still weary from the long run. "I know ye guys are still sad over your losses. But we have to let go! I believe we should honor our dead, though, so I created a little something, to help us remember who we lost, but help us move on at the same time."
     He stopped to take a breath, and then took a remote control from his pocket. Right after he pressed it, a trail of lights began to come to life, making its way to the main hall of the city, where a giant light bulb started to emit enough light to illuminate the entire city. Upon close inspection, each of the smaller bulbs had a photo of a deceased, and was being projected into the giant bulb. People stopped to starem and many started crying. Kayne screamed with joy and left the square. As he walked through the streets, he took from his pocket a photo of a woman holding a light bulb. He kissed the photo, whispered his goodbyes, and torn it apart.

© 2012 John

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There were some run-ons but other than that I really loved this short story. Especially the way it ended on a happy note. Death is not an easy thing to overcome, but the way that Kayne captured everybody the way he did was simply amazing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

That's nice. I don't know how, but your writing reflects the fact that you're not fond of writing short stories =p
There are some blatant mistakes. You could have made your text without them, so you don't get such a good writing as the story itself.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is just a wonderful story. You need to fix a few mistakes, but it's very good writing. Very.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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