A Poem by Jessica

Inspired by Ellen Hopkins book Tricks.


Faint shuffling in the night as a young girl in 4 inch heels tiredly drags her heavy body back home

But what home does she go to when she's only out on that street corner taking dirty money from filthy men

'Cause her home before was worse then any of these trash ridden street corners here in this city called sin

So she walks toward the only one who will take her in, an empty hotel room with a yellow stained matteres

There is no hoping, or dreaming, or crying, or screaming

There is only those sounds and prayers when a new girl or boy arrives

'Cause they don't see what the rest of them see

They don't yet know how bad it'll be

They'll think to themselves that they shall live free

She gives it a week, 

Then where will those Hopers, Dreamers, Criers, and Screamers be?

In the same place as before, just without the protest

'Cause that's what that is out here in the Devil's palace

We all protest till everything is gone

And just like her, an empty shell remains

Not even the late night chill could freeze her bones

For this young girl, Hell was just a milestone

© 2011 Jessica

Author's Note

Trying again for some good imagery.

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Added on July 29, 2011
Last Updated on July 29, 2011



Townsend, DE

I've been writing for years now and its helped save me from a lot of things. ^.^ I wanted to join something that would let me share my passion with others. If you have any questions or just want to ge.. more..

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