Do Angels Cry ?

Do Angels Cry ?

A Poem by Mournful Soul

 ii always wnderd if an angel wud hve anythng tuh cry abt. . .its said wen yuu reach the kingdom of heaven u feel no hate, pain, nor sorrow. . .bt n hell u feel mch wrse, bt n this life its ben nothin bt hell on earth. . .momma always tld me God sees sumthn n me he cn wrk with, i very well believe n God bt i dnt believe n wt he believes wn he sees me. . .evrydy i wke up with a constant false heartbeat n i continuosly see the pain n my deceitful eyes, i always ask y, y do i see these lies of happiness as i try tuh find the claimd given path which lies before me. . .somewhat anotha question of y as y wud an angel cry, he helps me tuh see auh true purpose n ths wrld. . .i love him with all my heart for idt, bt idk hw lng it'll keep me frm nt feelin lke b'n n ds wrld again. . .i wanna say fck idt n i shud b able to, since im nt the one who pickd dis life, i shud b able tuh end it soon. . .bt thn i'll never pt an answr tuh my ?, whether an angel wud hve anythng tuh cry abt. . .since kill'n myslf wont gt me n the sky

© 2011 Mournful Soul

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Mournful Soul
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Added on September 11, 2011
Last Updated on September 11, 2011


Mournful Soul
Mournful Soul

St. Louis , MO

I'm 16 & a young poet more..


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