The Curious Machine (Part 1)

The Curious Machine (Part 1)

A Story by Brendyn T. O'Donnal

If you enjoy steampunk, you will most likely enjoy "The Curious Machine"

        William was a jolly fellow and friendly with most people. Everyday he would take a stroll through the nearby park. William always wore his best with his top hat and ivory white cane. William was the spitting image of his father. The sharp nose and blue, bright eyes. Not to mention his brown dark hair. William was certainly not a poor man and you could tell that by looking at his fancy apartment.William lived in a strange world, where people always seemed to want to create something new. His own grandfather created the airships that now

littered the blue sky, going back and forth slowly.

        Just years before ,man never would have thought flying was, indeed, possible. "Just a little steam and propelling, anything was possible!"His grandfather always said with a smile. That was just how his invention worked. Giant balloons would hold the giant airships in the air, while propellers pushed the aircraft along. Everything was powered by a large furnace and the ships were formed out of a crude brown metal. They clinked and chugged as it pushed itself along.

       The machines were not at all healthy and black thick smoke puffed out of the smokestacks on the back of the fat contraption.

William lived in the southern part of a large city called Stockhill. Stockhill was the name of his majesty and ruler of the country. No one disliked Stockhill, but they didn't exactly like him either. Most people felt that Stockhill was stubborn and big headed. William just thought he was a dull hothead who ran into war all too quickly. Stockhill did however, keep the country running and safe, but not all that healthy.

       Today William was supposed to go to his dead grandfathers house and clean it out. Usually William would have walked walked, but today he decided to take an automobile. Automobiles were also new and a lot safer than grandpa's giant monstrous Airships. Grandfather never wanted to talk about the automobiles. Whenever the topic came up he just shook his head and muttered,"Bah! Automobiles just make you lazy!" And then he changed the subject. Despite his dislike of automobiles he was a likable person much like William. William ducked into the automobile and gave the driver the address. The driver grunted and started the automobile.


       The machine sputtered and choked, then started up. Despite the ugly sounds, Automobiles were ten times more healthy than the Airships. William looked out his window and as always, Airships puffed across the sky. The sky was unusually blue even though the Airships puffed smoke like a man who could not give up smoking. The Automobile came to a stop and William payed the driver. The house was decent sized, that is, if your rich. The mansion towered over the street leaving William in shadow. His grandfathers furniture was all over the nicely trimmed lawn.

   He stepped over a lamp lying across the walk. He reached the door and pushed the bell. The dark ringing echoed through the house and out an open window on the top floor. William could see the smokestacks rising from behind the mansion. That was were the old man's workshop was. The caretaker opened the door and motioned for him to come in.  The caretaker shut the door behind him and cleared his throat. "Anything the old man left for you will be in the dining room." He said in a deep accent. William had no need to ask for directions because he had been there before.


  He walked into the dining room where there were a few boxes stacked in a corner. William asked a servant to take them outside. As a servant lifted the first box something fell from the top. It was a key fashioned from metal with a gem in crested in the handle. The teeth went around the round top making it a peculiar key. William picked it up.Twisted around the keyring was a note. It read, "Dear William,

I see you have found my key. It opens the door to the workshop and I want you to go there. The key goes to a chrome box i left in my workshop. Open it and follow my instructions that I left with the box."

  The note seemed as if it had been writtenLike his grandfather was in a panic. Unlike his grandfathers nice print the note was quickly scribbled across the paper. William pocketed the key and hurried to the workshop. He had a feeling something was horribly wrong.

© 2011 Brendyn T. O'Donnal

Author's Note

Brendyn T. O'Donnal
This is my first draft and I want to go over whether or not It's interesting before I worry about grammar

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Added on January 10, 2011
Last Updated on February 1, 2011
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Brendyn T. O'Donnal
Brendyn T. O'Donnal

Provo, UT

It's been a while since i wrote anything but now i started a brand new book called "The Curious Machine" more..