A Story by Brett

A short story written on the tragic event that happened to a man named Mark Roberts.

“I doubt it,” Mark mumbled to his coworker. He had an incredibly frustrating day and just wanted to head home. The very last thing he needed was some college intern to drag on asking him a variety of unintelligent questions. He felt immensely pleased when a smooth female voice called for him to his boss’ office. As he began walking, Mark stared around at his current surroundings of a normal office; the little cubicles, each holding a hardworking member trying desperately to gain that much needed promotion. Mark never bought into that. He knew he was never going to amount to anything really. The little glimmer of hope that was inside of him many years ago died within him as he saw many others rise to top when he felt he deserved that spot. Mark was never a quitter though. He woke up in the morning, came to work, did his job, and left. He knew what he had to do and just did it - Simple as that. Halfway to the office, Mark turned his head outside towards the window. He saw himself walking and was immediately reminded of what had happened this morning. It was a dreadful thing and his mind wandered back to that horrible moment.
He had woken up, just like any other morning and felt like he needed to take a quick shower before he headed out for work. He was getting undressed faster than normal as he was already a bit late. He hopped into the inviting water feeling the warm droplets hitting his face. As he started to quickly lather soap over his body, he thought he had heard a noise that sounded of glass breaking. Standing still, Mark listened with a deep intent of trying to hear footsteps as if someone had broken in. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest and the water spraying down onto him while he stood there. Without hearing anything further, Mark reassured himself by saying that he must’ve imagined it. Turning off the shower he thought he could smell the faint scent of blood. “Well, that’s bizarre,” Mark muttered as quietly as possible. He took an extended intake of air through his nose, taking in the smell as elongated as possible. “That is certainly blood” He thought. Mark was beginning to feel exceedingly frightened. He got out quickly from the shower, wrapping a towel around his still dripping body, and did a quick sprint to his room across the hall and slammed the door shut behind him. 
“Hello?!” Mark snapped out of his daydream to find his boss was yelling at him. He came out finding his heart racing and he was breathing heavily. Mark had walked to his boss’ office without even realizing it. He approached his boss slowly, not having the slightest idea what was coming to him next. He still could not get the sound of the glass breaking out of his head. “The time has finally come today, Mr. Roberts.” Mark could feel the sweat slowly dripping down his backside. He knew what was coming now. “You’re… being let off,” his boss stated with a quiet sigh. Mark stood there -too stunned to move or even speak. He could see his boss’ mouth moving but no sound was coming out of it. Mark turned around and walked all the way back to his desk, regardless even if his boss was still speaking to him. He grabbed a small cardboard box in the cupboard and began to pack up his various computer junk and wires as fast as possible. He practically sprinted out of the door without a single word to the secretary.
The rest of the drive home was a daze to him. He focused on the road but his mind was elsewhere. He started to remember back to his just a moment earlier; the sight of his boss still fresh in his mind. His mind drifted back to this morning, absolutely dreading what was waiting for him back at his house. Pulling up into his driveway, nothing looked wrong about the house. It seemed just as he left it, even the bathroom light was on. His eyes stared at the window for a long period but could see nothing inside of his house except for the still furniture. He breathed a sigh of relief but still was going to enter his house with caution. Still holding his keys in his hand, he reached forward toward the lock. With keys jingling he managed to get them inside of the lock and twisted the keys. He turned the knob and entered his house. Looking around, he seemed to find nothing out of the ordinary. It was still a bit odd though, remembering what he heard this morning. Finding himself no longer frightened, he decided to investigate. But still, he would leave the bathroom for last.
He slowly walked towards the kitchen. As he turned on the lights, he thought he saw a shadow leap across the floor and into the wall. “Just my imagination,” he reassured himself. He noticed his breathing had become sharp and louder. He turned off the lights in the kitchen and made his way to his bedroom. When he passed the bathroom, nothing happened. He stood there for a bit in puzzlement. He half expected some gigantic beast to pop up and devour him alive. With that, his breathing started to slowly return to normal. He leisurely walked into his bedroom and laid the junk from his workplace onto his neatly made bed. Plopping himself down next to the box, he fell back and closed his tired eyes. The last thing he could remember before drifting off to sleep was the sound of a window being shattered.
He awoke with a sudden start. Mark was still in his work clothes from earlier. He turned towards his clock and noticed that it was not turned on. He did not mind it much as he was still a bit groggy from his nap. Mark stood up, took a quick moment to stretch, and shuffled through his house towards the bathroom. His bladder was full and he could not wait to relieve himself of the burden. He raced to the bathroom and shut the door behind him with a slam. While he was inside he could feel something eerie in the room, as if something was watching him. He shook off the feeling and turned quickly towards the mirror and stared at his reflection. Nothing was too much different. He had noticed that he looked a bit paler than usual but that was really to be expected as he just awoke from a nap. Mark pulled himself away from his reflection and released his bladder into the toilet. While flushing, he heard it again. The same sound from the previous morning only louder than ever. Some type of glass was definitely breaking and Mark needed to find out what in the hell that noise was. 
He froze for a moment, trying desperately to hear anything that could possibly be making that noise. Without hearing anything Mark walked slowly over to the door. While passing the mirror he had noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Turning his head Mark stared deeply into his own reflection. Something was… off about what he looked like. He couldn’t quite figure it out until his eyes found his eyes in the mirror. The sight of them was incredibly gloomy and broken. Almost like they have witnessed something they should not have. “My eyes couldn’t possibly look that horrible,” Mark said to himself quietly. He stared into his eyes until he could bear it no more. He was just about to look away when he his mouth in the mirror had started to move. Mark was not moving an inch but his reflection was moving rapidly. He was about ready to pass out. “This has to be a dream!” Mark could not believe this was happening. His reflection’s mouth looked as if was saying something to him. It seemed as if it was mouthing out the words “Help me.” Over and over again it mouthed out those exact words, never changing. Mark had turned as pale as a ghost. He was unbelievably frightened and was frozen in the spot as he stared desperately at his own reflection moving while he was still as a statue. Just as the moment has arrived, it was taken from him instantly. An atrocious thing suddenly appeared in the mirror, right behind his reflection. It was the color of the darkest black he could ever think of. Like a shadow, only darker. It stood about seven feet but it seemed like it was hunching over to fit inside of the room so it could’ve been easily around nine. Mark was crouching, getting nearer and to nearer to the floor to escape the monster inside of his mirror. The mirror disappeared out of sight as he slid down the wall and onto the floor. Sitting on the ground, Mark shut his eyes.
After quite some time Mark slowly opened his eyes. He was quietly shuddering at the sight he just witnessed. Still keeping it slow, he got up from his current position. Mark let out a small gasp when the sight of the mirror came back. What he saw as he stared into the mirror again was the most absolute horrendous thing any human being could’ve witnessed. His reflection was humped over the sink, not moving at all. That “thing” was gone but the damage it left was amazingly terrifying. Deep red blood was spattered on just about every inch of the walls inside of the mirror room. Seeing himself deceased was just too much for Mark. He opened the bathroom door and sprinted down the stairs and out of the front door. He sprawled out on the grass and laid there weeping. The image of himself dead still fresh in his mind. Many vehicles drove past but Mark not dare ask for their help and no one could see him in the pitch black darkness. He couldn't stand to go back into the house but his curiosity drew him in. He needed to find out what that “thing” was. He wiped his eyes of any remaining tears and walked back to his house gradually. Once back inside, the first place he headed was his bathroom. Everything in his body was fighting to not go back there except for his mind. It led his body there little by little. He peeked around the corner, unknowing of what would be there. Staring into the mirror, Mark gasped with horror. His reflection was no longer there. Instead, that “thing” took its place. It stood there, mimicking every move that Mark made. When he moved his head, it moved its head along with him. It had taken the place of his reflection.
Mark was utterly petrified at the sight before him. The “thing” that killed his reflection was now moving with him. It just seemed like a horrific nightmare that he desperately wanted to wake up from. He began to slap his face repeatedly, trying to wake himself up. He continued until he saw his fake reflection stop copying his every move. It began to do its own movements. The “thing” brought its hand up without Mark doing so as well. When it reached the mirror, its hand seeped through. Its darkly hand came through the mirror and into reality. It brought its hand forward, getting closer to Mark. Mark was frozen in fear. He was trembling while the hand reached further to him. Once it touched him he was instantly filled with pain throughout his whole body. He tried to scream but all that came out was a gasp for air. He looked down at his hand and could see the blood coming right through the skin. Darkness filled Mark’s eyes and the “thing’s” face was the last thing he saw. 

© 2013 Brett

Author's Note

My first actual short story. The last paragraph was a bit difficult to write so if it seems bad, that's why. I don't mind criticism so throw whatever you have at me whether it be harmful or helpful. I do hope you enjoy it though.

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It was a bit too confusing. I couldn't see where the story was heading and the conclusion wasn't satisfactory. It does; however, have potential to be a good short story.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on January 2, 2013
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