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His screams

His screams

A Poem by BrokenGirl

This boy on the other end of the phone

Fighting with his own mind

His own words

The things he wants, no LONGS, to tell someone and hear it back

Soon he prays




In the dark of the night

Someone’s soul is stolen by another flaw made into this life we walk

The light he sees flickers back into his eyes

He sighs and puts the pipe down

It mocks him

The voice inside of him

His past

He wants to let go of it all

Finally be free

He grabs his cell phone and calls her up

Just to hear her voice does this boy good

The temptation subsides for a while

He wakes up

Screaming and tears flowing from his eyes


He’s shaking and his heart rate is flying faster than he has ever experienced

He runs to the bottle

Its scent buries him in happiness

He drinks long and finishes it off

Trying to walk he stumbles back to his bed room

Throwing around all of his belongs until he finally finds his precious

His blade

He kisses it and he sees the liquor left

Tears fill his eyes as he rolls up sleeves and carves his famous patterns

The ones that are so often in his dreams


He wipes away the blood and gets his lighter

He burns the cuts

Just to feel the pain and he cries out

He screams for love and for acceptance

He wants love for the person he is underneath all of the mistakes and his past

He searches for the pipe he flung somewhere across this room

He runs his bloody fingers over the glass and grabs his lighter

Soon he can’t talk and he slowly crawls back into bed

His eyes shut tight

He nods and tries to stand

Tonight is the night he is over and done for

He goes into his closet and grabs his pencil and paper

He writes his last words and says to the girl he knew in his heart that he would find he is sorry

To his family he tells every thought he had and the hate from what they did to him in the past

He slowly loads the chamber

Takes one last long piece of Earth and this life into his lungs

Then he is gone

So fast

So painlessly

© 2011 BrokenGirl

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This one kinda made me a little speechless. This was a good write for you. Keep it up.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on July 14, 2011
Last Updated on July 14, 2011



Jefferson, AR

I'm just me. A regular lost broken soul. Everyone says my writing is good so I thought I'd give it a shot here. See if anyone takes a liking to it. :] I'm very different more..

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