My Diary to Getting Over You part 2

My Diary to Getting Over You part 2

A Story by BrokenSmiles

Our relationship

It didn't take long for us to become close. By the end of that week you were walking me to class and I'd spend my lunch watching you from across the table. You'd tell me all the time that I was the prettiest girl that you had ever seen. My brown hair was down to my lower back, I was around 110 pounds and 5'5 compared to your 6'0. I never really believed that i was actually the prettiest girl you had ever seen, but i thought it was cute that you tried. We used to sneak out of lunch and walk around the hallways. Nate would sometimes tag along with us but we'd always try to loose him. One day during lunch we were walking on the third floor when 3 teachers turned the corner, we weren't allowed to leave the lunchroom and if we were caught we'd get detention so all three of us booked it down the hallway. You pulled me the opposite direction Nate was going and we ended up under the staircase on the 2nd floor. That was were we had our first kiss. My heart fluttered and my stomach had butterflies and i was so happy. A week later you asked me to be your girlfriend at the football game i made you go to with me. I said yes, of course. The beginning of our relationship was so much fun, everyday i fell harder for you. I didn't think that I could fall in love at such a young age but i soon found myself caring more about you than I did myself. That was what would destroy me in the end. Everyone said that high school relationships never last, and that were too young to be so serious. I blew it off because i wanted so badly to prove them wrong, all i could see was you. It was about 4 months into our relationship when you started smoking weed. At first i was so angry and we fought about it all the time, I didn't want my boyfriend to smoke weed, you didnt want your girlfriend to "act like your mom". Eventually I started smoking with you. I started to change myself to be what you wanted me to be. We fought all the time about stupid things, but we'd always make up again. By June, 8 months into our relationship things got really bad. Things at my house turned for the worse and you turned cold. You started to lie to me, hide things, and when you would talk to me it would be one word replies to everything i'd say. I'd tell you if you werent happy with me anymore than to leave, because i didnt have the strength to leave you. You'd tell me you didn't want that, but your actions would tell me other wise. You'd do something that'd hurt me, i'd get mad, you'd get mad and some how turn it around on me, and i would apologize and BEG you to forgive me. Everyday. Every single day. I lost sight of everything I was so sure of, I forgot how to love myself. By the end of that summer we had broken up, for about the 30th time since the summer had began. This time was different though, this time you brought another girl into the mix.  

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Added on April 27, 2016
Last Updated on April 27, 2016
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