Abandon is My Soul

Abandon is My Soul

A Poem by Bumble



Conflicted is my soul,
Do I take the path to my left?
Or do I take the path to my right?

Time does not slow down for me,
I am no one special,
But I watch it flow to its next destination.

I cannot see the outcome of my choices.
I stand here and only hope,
But is hope enough?

I am afraid.
My own mind is my foe.
My body against me.

I take one step to the left,
But then to the right.
I do not trust myself.

If I cannot trust myself.
Who can I trust?
I have finally realized.

I cannot rely on my flesh,
Or even my mind.
My soul is abandon.

© 2012 Bumble

Author's Note

Love the feed back! Whether good or bad.

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I feel like lots of people have this same problem, me being one of them. Each path could have a different outcome, and the unknown can be quite intimidating. I really love this, awesome write once again :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

I love your writing, it's incredibly touching. I can relate to this in so many ways. I never trust that my decisions are correct, but, yet again, what exactly is correct? I love it. It really allows your mind to wander.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Conflicted is my soul...
I can not see the outcomes of my choices... Well penned...

Posted 7 Years Ago

I truly love this. Deep and heavy, so well written. I could 'feel' it as I was reading it. It's something I can so easily relate to but have never been able to find the words, like you have, to describe and express it. Very good job.

Posted 7 Years Ago

My soul is abandon, great line sums up your conflict . So well expressed the uncertainty the fear . Lovely sad write.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I take one step to the left,
But then to the right.
I do not trust myself.

........................Good write. I like the way of approach and the constructive nature of the poem. Great. With regards.

Posted 7 Years Ago

wow! body without a soul! a nice insight! good

Posted 7 Years Ago

Everything I was about to say has been said by Alexandria below. Her review was beyond what little I could say about this; other than it is astounding.

Posted 7 Years Ago

This write is wonderfully relatable and the flow is excellent, the conflict is as clear as in direct sunlight. I love how the entire piece leads to a very solid conclusion, not the anticipated one either.. where you might choose a road.

My favourite lines were:
'I cannot see the outcome of my choices.
I stand here and only hope,
But is hope enough?'

^ You really harnessed the power of poetry there, I encourage you to use thoughts like these frequently throughout verse. Excellent!

I see something that may be a typo if you care :)
'I have finally realize.' -- maybe 'realized' ? One can never be sure of the artist's intent in licence. Excellent job madame!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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