A Story by xxxrawr_friendxxx

I wrote this fanfic about Link and Ghirahim (Zelda.) :3 Originally posted it to my FanFiction.net account, decided to put it here too. :D


Okay, here we go. X3

This is about Ghirahim and Link; Link is Ghirahim's…pet, you could say.

(Note: I promised my friend it wouldn't be TOOOO fluffy…so…)



His name tumbled from my lips weakly. We stood atop a cliff dropoff, looking at each other with curiousity. His red eyes wandered over my blue ones, looking puzzled; as if he had something to say…

We stood in silence.

My Lord took a step towards me, then another. I tremble as I feel my feet slip onto the edge of the cliff. I reached out, grasping his hand as thoughtly as I could. He only watched, all hints of anger and devilish charm absent. Almost zombie-like. I focused on the small diamonds coming from his mouth and into the frozen air; how had we gotten here? Where were we? I felt those familiar pinpricks at the back of my eyes, and I didn't try to fight them. I didn’t want to fight them…

I panicked and squirmed uncomfortably when I felt his hand slipping out of mine. A warm tear rolled down my semi frozen cheek.



I woke from my dreams with a gasp.

"What is it?" my master asked, peering over me with wide eyes. I looked around frantically; a maroon and gold diamond-encrusted bed, furniture that's never used, white walls with shimmering diamonds painted on them. No snow, no cliffs…

"I…you…" I couldn't continue.

I was quickly covered in tears before Ghirahim had time to react. I looked up to his widened eyes. He was frowning, trying to care.

"I've never seen you like this, Link… What's the matter?"

The tears just couldn't stop flowing from my tired eyes; I felt so weak, like I was being torn apart by a dream.

"I, uhmm…"

I didn't know what to say. I wanted to tell him how much I needed him, how much I didn’t want things to change…

 Come on Link, what are you thinking. You are his prisoner, that's all. He is your master and you are his captive. He doesn't care, and neither should you! You're the Goddess' chosen hero, you are stronger than this. You HAVE to be stronger than this.

But still…


Ghirihim pressed a sharp, pointed fingernail into my cheek, snapping me out of my thoughts and back to the demon's bedroom.

I jusmped from the bed as fact as I could, silently sobbing. Within seconds I was in the large corridor of the overly-sized Demon Mansion, where anyone could easily get lost. I felt the icy air tickling my spine and my bare feet on the cold stone; I ran faster.



So that's the end of Chapter 1! Check back every day, I'll have Chapter 2 posted as fast as I can :P

© 2012 xxxrawr_friendxxx

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Author's Note

Blee blah.

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Added on October 4, 2012
Last Updated on October 4, 2012
Tags: zelda, fanfic, ghirahim, link, demon lord, diamonds, skyloft, skychild, pet, servant, nightmares, NOT yaoi, fluff, unfinished, the game, trolld!, legend of zelda, too many random tags



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