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A Story by Broken Hearted Faux

Dating site. Mysterious Usernamer. Blah Blah. Suck at descriptions. You'll just have to read x3


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By: Lexy House




My head tilted slightly at the pop up.

Welcome? To what?

I had just woken my computer for the evening to search up a recipe for dinner when the pop up came from no where. It flashed and changed color with each repetitive spring towards the screen.

I opened another tab on my browser, hoping it would cover up the annoying pop up, but it merely shoved its way forward above my new tab, seeking attention that I refused to give it.

Frustrated, I moved my mouse towards it to close it out, but the thing wiggled away, and my click fell upon the link on the bottom. My screen was dragged into a dating site. One that showered the screen with rose petal gifs and lip stick kiss marks on the corners.

Wrinkling my nose, I closed the tab, but it popped up on its own accord, never allowing me to rid of it.

After thirty minutes fighting with the website, I gave an unenthusiastic grunt and shrugged my shoulders as I gave it a thought. What harm could it do for me to sign up? I could scam the website for what it was worth to leave me alone.

I began to type a fake email in, grinning to myself as I moved to the password section of the sign up page. My heart nearly stopped when the email was gone and replaced with my actual email. Hackers...

Rubbing at my face, I finished the sign up page with a heavy sigh and a rolling of eyes. A cute face flashed upon the homepage, pointing an arrow to Find Singles Here!

Reluctant to just finish with the tutorial, I played along with the page, typing in my age, state and town. To my surprise, once the page finished reloading, I was staring at a full four pages of singles just on my side of town.

One in particular caught my eye. Their username read BanditBilly.

Sadly, no picture was there. Only the Stock image of a worm in a book took its place. They lived right down the block from me. Brunette hair. Green eyes. When I searched for gender, the only thing it read was "other".


What could that be?

Not female? Not male?

Transgender perhaps?

I opened a chat window, hoping to perhaps communicate with this BanditBilly person.


Open Chat:


StargazingBear: Anyone there?


Complete silence was between us for a few moments...

Hello :) :BanditBilly

My hands froze on the keyboard. What do I say..?


StargazingBear: Hey :) I'm Clea


Stupid... Stupid. I pounded my head on my palm. What kind of response is that??


Call me Billy. Was just about to settle down for dinner when your message popped up on my screen :BanditBilly


Billy huh.. That left me at square one on figure out what gender this person was...


StargazingBear: I saw you live in the neighborhood. Just a block down the street. Did you just move into town?


There was another moment of silence..

Then nothing as the chat disconnected.


Chat Out


My mind went in spirals around my body, going in shakes and deep thoughts. Every time I thought I had Billy pinned down on who they were, a "what if" crashed through like a herd of elephants.

I spent well more than half the night with Billy on my mind. I needed directions to their house. I needed some way of speaking to them again.

Every minute I spent thinking about Billy, I spent cursing the computer for producing the pop up that brought me to them.



© 2014 Broken Hearted Faux

Author's Note

Broken Hearted Faux
R&Rs are much appreciated :) Please note this was written during writers block so there might be a few lacking areas. Just had the spur to write and this came out

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Added on January 2, 2014
Last Updated on January 2, 2014


Broken Hearted Faux
Broken Hearted Faux

Salt Lake City, UT

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A Chapter by Broken Hearted Faux