It can only be

It can only be

A Story by ByJ.T.Rogers

This is a story that the reading gets to decide what happens next. I'll start it off. send a message to me of what you want to happen next. If there is more then two I'll pick the best one to add.

It can only be
by J.T.Rogers and readers

The rain froze sallied on all that it touched. The clouds soaked up any light that came from the small naber-hood. The night was pitch black excepted for a little flash of light from a open car door. The car beeped faintly as a short and chubby man in his early 20s struggles out of his seat. Then he slams the car door as he hurries to his front porch. Slipping on the ice at the front steps, he falls sideways landing on his hip, He swears in pain. Crawling on all fours up the steps he pulls himself up with the help of the door nob, His feet slipping out from under him faster then he can bring them back. When he finally got inside he was soaked from head to toe. Flipping on the light relieved stacks of boxes, paper work and mail laying every were in the front room. The man takes a big breath then groans as he holds his right side.
The man's name is 

© 2011 ByJ.T.Rogers

Author's Note

After you write out your paragraphs or two then makes some small notes of were you see the story going threw that chapter so it helps give others ideas to what to write next.
Example; The man's name should be something simple like Sam. Everything about him is slightly below plain. Threw out the story he gets cot up in an epic adventure that changes his way of life and his heart. He learns that there is more to life then what he knows. Build up his character in the next few paragraph.

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Added on March 29, 2011
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