A Story by CATO

a stormy night. Sentinel, Hammerfell.

*a baby's cries can be heard*

mysterious woman: shhh shhh it's okay... She is beautiful.

Mysterious man: would you stop with the whole baby bullshit, we're here to send a message to this f**k.

Mysterious woman: I'm sorry... your right.

Mysterious man: this damn king thinks he can push aside his debts and we'd do nothing about it, the crown of hammerfell, can't imagine what those elves would pay for something like this

Mysterious woman: thousands at least.

Mysterious man: you said it, you ready to...

*through the walls* King Thassad 4th Al-Azal: I heard something coming from Serena's room probably just her crying would you mind getting the wet nurse to calm her down.

Mysterious man: S**t we have to go.

Mysterious woman: right behind you.

*They climb out the window and shut it making it through the town and under the sewers*

3 hours Later

*arriving at the thieves guild Fence*
Ferad: I see a grin and a lot of gold on your faces.
Mysterious woman: We stole the crown, lots of jewels and lots of coin.
Ferad: oh how I love to hear that bold accent state the truth Mysterious woman: Show him Cramer.
*Cramer pulls out crown*
Ferad: oh my god. This is 120 thousand coins straight from those Long eared glorious elves. Cramer you beautiful cat and you Maeexa you talented enchantress you did good work today.
*babys crying in Maeexas bag*
Ferad: umm what is that.
Cramer: oh my Lords. You didn't. please tell me you didn't steal a royal baby.
*Maeexa looks in bag*
Maeexa: I... Put her back.
Cramer: oh great we not only stole a crown but a goddamn baby, were finished.
Maeexa: calm down Cramer.
Cramer: YOU STOLE A ROYAL CHILD Al-Azhir. I can already see my death, they're going to skin me alive and let me die of infection and what'll you get quartering.
Maeexa: we can return her.
Ferad: I doubt that's a good idea
Maeexa: why not they won't even know she was gone.
Cramer: YOU IDIOT They have guards and soldiers 100,000 at least with a king who the public adores they have to already know she's gone.
*baby cries louder*
Maeexa: calm down you're frightening her.
Cramer: I shouldn't have to worry about a baby much less a princess of one of the most powerful men in Tamriel.
Maeexa: look we'll figure something out I promise.
Cramer: no you'll figure something out I'm heading to back to Elsweyr.
Maeexa: what.
Cramer: you heard me.
Maeexa: why.
Cramer: YOU KIDNAPPED A CHILD. Maeexa: I didn't mean to.
Cramer: I'm not dying for this.
*Cramer leaves*
Ferad: I don't mean to be a damper but he is right.
Maeexa: what would you have me do then I can't take her back, I can't keep her and I can't just kill her
Ferad: ...
Maeexa: I can't.
Ferad: we can't be discovered.
Maeexa: we won't... I got it I'll ransom her back.
Ferad: we don't have the food for a baby and if I know correctly babies need milk and attention.
Maeexa: ugh... what are you suggesting.
Ferad: You need to feed her.
Maeexa: you are disgusting.
Ferad: I'm realistic, you're the only woman here and you also are the one who stole her.
Maeexa: I can't... just the thought of having some little thing on me.
Ferad: look you need to figure something out and fast. Maeexa: I'll see what I can do.
*later that night Maeexa hold a pillow watching Serena Sleep, listening to the sounds of the sewer* Maeexa: I can do this, I can do this.
*lowers pillow almost to Serena's face* Maeexa: just do it Maeexa, it'll only take a few seconds. *baby opens eyes* baby: Momma?
*Maeexa starts crying* Maeexa: I can't do it. *men storm in* King Al-Azal: grab her, grab that woman. *King holds Serena* my sweet Serena. I command you to tear both her breasts from her filthy chest as penance for taking my daughter to this disgusting place but first break her legs. Guard: by your command *he has guards force Maeexas to the ground and legs beaten till bone is visible then tears Maeexas shirt off and takes out scimitar* tie her hands and stand her up *guards so as commanded* stuff something in her mouth this will be painful *Guard stuffs cloth in her mouth before the main guard starts wrenching Maeexa breasts of all the while screams of agony pour from her mouth* Guard: we are all done think of this the next time you are in Sentinel *Bone and a few organs are visible but as Maeexa closes her eyes she wakes up sweating profusely over the dream she just had looking over to see if Serena wasn't just a dream* Maeexa: why do you have to be real?
*outside the story*
Cato: She stole you from a king...

Safiah: she did and from the time I was a little girl even today I still see posts about the missing Al-Azal Child.

Cato: Ulfric met him after his coronation as high king just before the elves invaded cyrodiil, why did he sacrifice so much money to find you.

Safiah: it's like you and Allard you would've sacrificed everything to save him. Anyways 6 months into being a kidnapped baby...

*story continues from Maeexas point of view*

Glorsar Sin: alright the King will be in Abahs landing, and you will sneak that disgusting thing back into his chambers tonight and we will never speak of this again.

*Maeexa sees poster with the caption Wanted 500,000 Septims will pay for leads*

Ferad: Maeexa what a pleasant surprise to see you with ugh *looks around a whispers* Serena.

Maeexa: I know I'm not suppose to be out with her but she's been throwing up all the solid food I give her.

Ferad: What no more... aha. *points at her chest*

Maeexa: I will still kill you if you tell anyone.

Ferad: oh darling I think everyone knows already, you haven't been out for food and the child hasn't starved, you wouldn't be growing attached to it now would you.

Maeexa: look you oval eyed elf whether I like it or not she's going back.

Ferad: just saying you seem to have been infatuated with her as of late that's all.

Maeexa: whatever. So what is someone like you doing about the market anyways don't you have enough money to have things delivered?

Ferad: I'm here to see the king. he should be arriving any moment according to guards.

*horns blow as horses ride past*
Herald: His majesty 4th of his name, king of the surrounding, Hews Bane, and lord of Sentinel, I present King Thassad Al-Azal.

*Maeexa tries to hurry back but is caught between the crowd and King Thassad walks through the streets he notices Maeexa and Serena*

Maeexa praying: please... please

King Thassad: woman look at me.

*Maeexa turns white but looks at King Thassad* Thassad: what a beautiful baby girl you have reminds me of my Serena but you seem to be starving her.

Harold: Sir we are very busy.

*Thassad turns and knocked the breath out of the Herald*

Thassad: I'm as busy as I say I am boy. *turns to Maeexa* Would you mind heading to my palace so we can feed this babe.

Maeexa: ugh... not at all your majesty.

Thassad: good

*Thassad starts to walk past again* Thassad: why is everyone so quiet I want to hear a cheer *People start chanting for the King but after the king enters his palace people go about as usual*

Ferad: were you born lucky.

Maeexa: he definitely knows

Glorsar Sin: Maeexa

Maeexa: sir

Glorsar sin: we need to speak in private.

*cut to a room alone with Glorsar*
Glorsar sin: this plan is in jeopardy, what were you thinking going out there with that thing.

Maeexa: it's a baby

Glorsar sin: I know what the damn thing is, not only is that thing his child but now he knows who to look towards if we return it... look I'm setting a boat headed for high rock after that thing is delivered, you will be leaving.

Maeexa: what will I do there I know no one.

Glorsar sin: I've sent word to Mercer Frey you'll be under their supervision, after you arrive in daggerfall you'll be going to the rift.

Maeexa: Skyrim is under a civil war.

Glorsar: and we'll be dead soon if you don't take this deal, do I make myself clear.

Maeexa: yes sir.

*maeexa heads to the market*

Guard: his grace wishes to speak with you, may I escort.

Maeexa: no no I can find it...

Guard: it wasn't a request.

*guard escorts Maeexa to Thassads palace*

Thassad: I know who you are and I know you know what I want.

Maeexa: it's not what you think, your majesty.

Thassad: save it I know a guild member when I see them I made it very clear to Sin that I pay after the job was done and all I saw was half of the enemies ration crop gone. I know your group are responsible for my princess's kidnapping

Maeexa: are you going to kill me *tears start streaming down her face*

Thassad: that depends on what you tell us, you're obviously a mother with that baby...

Maeexa: Safiah... Safiah Al-Azhir.

Thassad: I promise you this I don't care who has her, and what you intended to do but if I don't see my baby girl I will cut yours in half so we can share, sound fair?

Maeexa: ...

Thassad: Does that sound fair?

Maeexa: yes your majesty.

Thassad: who took her and where is she?

Maeexa: I don't...

Thassad: goddamnit I've already heard that story where is she and who has her.

Maeexa: I really don't...

*Thassad unsheathes his sword and rips Safiah out of Maeexas hands*


Thassad: go on where is she.

Maeexa: let me speak your majesty, I don't know where she is but they plan to bring her back tonight saying it was a mistake.

Thassad: What if I keep little Safiah here until mine is returned?

Maeexa: they won't return her unless all theirs are accounted for. please give her back.

Thassad: fine but if I don't get her back by ‪12:00 tonight‬ I will skin each of you alive, kill her, then set each of you on fire.

Maeexa: I understand please give her back
*Maeexa is visibly shaking as the king hands Safiah back.*

Thassad: you seem fond of her...

Maeexa: she's my daughter.

Thassad: Why do you starve her then.

Maeexa: Were poor her father left before she was born.

*Thassad snaps his finger as men come in*

Thassad: Then I wouldn't feel right about letting you go without giving her a proper meal.

*hours after the encounter*

Glorsar sin: what did you tell him

Maeexa: That we plan to return her tonight.

Glorsar sin: wow you realize now things will be much harder now?

Maeexa: I don't know if I can bring her back.

Glorsar sin: Fine I'll send word to Daeni and we'll return her.

Maeexa: I mean I don't know if I can bring her back

Glorsar sin: she's not yours and not only will you bring her back but you will bring her back and leave hammerfell forever

Maeexa: for Highrock then skyrim?

Glorsar Sin: Yes Thassad will come for you but you will be long gone before he comes.

Maeexa: alright I understand just give me time to say goodbye please.

Glorsar sin: fine.

*Inside the palace*

Glorsar sin: are you ready.

Maeexa: I am. *her eyes watering*

Daeni: look she'll be happier with him you know that.

Maeexa: I know let's just do this.

*Maeexa and Glorsar Sin make it to the room*

Glorsar sin: I spiked his rum so he along with the queen should be fast asleep. you need to do this. *Glorsar points at Maeexa*

Maeexa: Me?

Glorsar sin: yes you.

Maeexa: I'm not...

Glorsar sin: alright go already.

*Maeexa walks in to the dark room and starts crying walking up to Thassad*

Safiah: Mama

Maeexa: no don't do that

*Maeexa puts Safiah into Thassads arms*

Maeexa: I'm sorry you'll be happier here

*Safiah starts reaching for Maeexa* Maeexa: what am I doing crying for some snot nose kid.

*through the walls*
Glorsar Sin: rap this up Mae.

*Maeexa kisses safiahs forehead* Maeexa: goodbye Serena.

*maeexa gets to the door before Safiah starts crying*

Safiah: no no no no.

*Maeexa squints* Maeexa: please kid.

*the hallway*
Daeni: what's taking so long

Glorsar sin: you know women, with their emotions.

Daeni: Maeexa is usually so against the idea of children why is she so attached to this one.

Glorsar Sin: Divine Know, Cyrodiil is on the brink of chaos, Skyrim: is burning amidst a rebellion, Hammerfell is at war with the Thalmor and where is this one stuck mourning a baby that's not even dead.

*Maeexa leaves the room*

Glorsar Sin: is it done?

Maeexa: it is.

Daeni: you did the right thing Mae.

Maeexa: I put her in the arms of a man who almost killed her.

*Daeni consoles Maeexa with a hug*

Daeni: think of who she'll be, when were old and grey you'll see her as Queen of Sentinel.

Maeexa: I know.

Daeni: let's get back.

Maeexa: *Maeexa Breaks from Daeni* I'm done *Maeexa storms off*

Daeni: Calm down Mae.

Maeexa: no I hate myself and everything we do, We rob innocent people, we prey on the weak. why so we can live off the luxury of others? Well I'm done Im headed to daggerfall and I'm out of the guild.

Daeni: Mae.

Glorsar Sin: let her go she just needs to clear her head.

*Maeexa makes it down to the docks*

Captain: would you by chance be Miss Al-Azhir.

Maeexa: yes and I'm ready to go.

Captain: of course... *Maeexa steps onto the boat creaking with ever step* off we go.

*5 days later*

Captain: and we are in daggerfall

Maeexa: finally. Hopefully I do good here instead of what I'd done my whole life.

Captain: hopefully a tip is in place.

Maeexa: of course *maeexa hands him a bag of coin* anything for discretion and thanks for not making a fuss about my crying I'm going through a lot.

Captain: your cries are really high pitched.

Maeexa: yeah sorry if it woke you

Captain: not at all, I hope you find what your looking for.

Maeexa: I do too

*Maeexa steps off into the docks looking for the inn*

Maeexa: lovely place *she walks closer and closer into Daggerfall until she passes through the inn doors*

Innkeeper: ah a Redguard, what can I do you for?

Maeexa: Id like a room for tonight

Innkeeper: how many should I say for?

Maeexa: 1

Innkeeper: of course, what's you name

Maeexa: Mae Al-Azhir.

Innkeeper: Al-Azhir? That's peculiar is your full name spelled M A E E X A by chance?

Maeexa: maybe, why?

Innkeeper: there was a note delivered by a blonde woman, sort of jester outfit.

Maeexa: no... *Maeexa snatches the note* did she say her name.

Innkeeper: no but she did say A Mr.Frey sends his regards.

Maeexa: thank you

*hands her a key Maeexa runs to her room and locks the door, hesitantly opening the letter*

The letter reads: We Know.

*Maeexa does the only thing she can think to do she falls back onto the bed*

Safiah: mama (repeated)

*maeexa picks up Safiah still* Maeexa: at least I still have you.
Cato: The dark brotherhood

Safiah: yes, we spent years moving around, We went all over Highrock and a bit of Hammerfell, stros m'kai was especially beautiful. all because my mother was paranoid, it was all for not after we stepped back into Abahs landing.

Cato: if she knew it wasn't safe whyd she return.

Safiah: familiarity, I guess. I never knew her to like anywhere but Hews Bane. Anyways when I was 10 we went back to Abahs landing.

Maeexa: Don't go to far Safiah

Safiah: Okay, Momma. *they track through the desert close to abahs landing on camels* Momma why do we move so often?

Maeexa: When you're older.

Safiah: You always say that. whens older?

Maeexa: 13

Safiah: you said 10 when I was 6.

Maeexa: I suppose it's time I tell you, I'm a treasure hunter.

Safiah: nu-uh

Maeexa: it's true little flower.

Safiah: can I go with you on your next treasure hunt.

Maeexa: can't it's too dangerous.

Safiah: I have you to protect me.

Maeexa: it's not that simple. delicate little lady shouldn't play with pirates or swords.

Safiah: I'll be careful I promise.

Maeexa: I said no.

Safiah: awww.

Maeexa: Trust me you'll love here so much you won't want to travel, the weather is always nice.

Safiah: it's kind of hot.

Maeexa: you get use to it, and there are a lot of handsome boys, and think in 3 years you could get married hopefully it's not till your 16 for my sake.

Safiah: sounds disgusting I don't think I'd like these boys their hairs greasy and their clothes are weird.

*outside the story*
Cato: but what she really wanted was a dashing blonde Skyrim boy.

Safiah: alright I'm stopping the story.

Cato: what? No I was joking, go on.

Safiah: fine but no more stupid interruptions.

*back into the story*

Safiah: do I have to get married?

Maeexa: Id hope you want to get married to some handsome boy.

Safiah: Maybe one day. *safiah looks are her camel* are we almost there?

Maeexa: almost baby. actually there's the gate.

Safiah: Was I born here?

Maeexa: yeah actually.

Safiah: wow I don't remember any of this

Maeexa: You were only a babe back then. I wouldn't expect you to.

Safiah: is this where father lives.

Maeexa: no baby.

*theres a bit of silence before Safiah speaks again*

Safiah: did father love me, would he care that I'm still alive?

Maeexa: you're father loved you more than anything, little flower I promise.

Safiah: what happened to him, momma?

Maeexa: I don't know Safiah but I know wherever he is he still loves you.

*Maeexa looks over to see the answer didn't satisfy Safiah*

Maeexa: did you want to hear about your father?

Safiah: I don't know every time I think of who he might be it makes me sad like it's my fault, what if he's alive and can't find us because we keep moving?

Maeexa: Unfortunately he's not, maybe one day I'll tell you who he was when you can understand but I need you to know it's not your fault.

Safiah: I still have you momma.

*maeexa smiles at that remark as they ride into the city walking into the bank*

Teller: hello miss how may I help you?

Maeexa: I need to make a withdraw from Alex Riverta...

*On the roof top Daeni stands with half his face burnt to the bone*

Maeexa: thank you. come on little flower.

Safiah: yes momma.

*while walking in the streets sees a decomposing head of Glorsar Sin on a spike next to the other criminals*

Ferad: quite revolting isn't he.

Maeexa: Oh my god Ferad.

*Maeexa turns to see a grey haired Ferad*

Ferad: hello.

*Maeexa hugs Ferad*

Ferad: I'm too old for this to appeal but I'll take it *he hugs back*

Maeexa: I missed you so much your yellow, your sharp ears, your big nose even this short stature.

Ferad: and I missed you Mae, but I can't really see all too well so you just look like a blur.

Maeexa: what happened when I left?

Ferad: it was horrible, king Thassad killed almost everyone in the Guild. there were a few that escaped but none were unharmed.

Maeexa: I'm so sorry.

Ferad: don't apologize to me I'm fine just old they didn't get to me. We should eat I'm hungry.

Maeexa: what did you have in mind?

*Ferads house on the docks of Abahs landing eating crab*

Ferad: I'm surprised you didn't die.

Maeexa: Me too I thought the dark brotherhood would've killed me.

Safiah: ‪The who‬?

Maeexa: Safiah you can play outside if you want.

Safiah: really, momma?

Maeexa: yes baby go on before I change my mind.
*Safiah hurries out the door*

Maeexa: what was I saying?

Ferad: something about the Dark brotherhood?

Maeexa: yes i received a letter from them and Mercer Frey.

Ferad: The dark brotherhoods been gone for years.

Maeexa: What?

Ferad: the Thieves guild in Skyrim too.

Maeexa: what? How?

Ferad: some Stormcloak Berserker killed them, both of them, according to an imperial courier he trudged in and killed them, legend was he was tortured but beserkers can't feel pain likewise Mercer Frey after he betrayed the guild died and it was taken by some Woman but that same Stormcloak berserker killed them too after the Civil war not just them but Riftens Jarl and The Black-briars word is he's living in Windhelm.

Maeexa: anyone tell you you're too wise for your own good... so who won the civil war?

Ferad: The Stormcloaks.

Maeexa: I hope the Empire can fight off those elves, otherwise we're all dead.

Ferad: it's only been 7 years since the war ended and Ulfrics still high king of Skyrim cryodiil isn't much of an empire so much as a puppet state.

Maeexa: I thought of taking Safiah to Solitude but an orc said Solitude is a ruin.

Ferad: yes 4 years after the elves invaded cryodiil they moved on to skyrim they took most of the reach and haafingar. They destroyed solitude to hurt skyrims economy but they failed most of the imports run through Windhelm now but fortunately for Ulfric most escaped solitude that same berserker fought off most of their forces.

Maeexa: what of Thassad?

Ferad: still alive.

Maeexa: I wished otherwise hoping he was dead in a crypt somewhere.

Ferad: so why did you come back?

Maeexa: I couldn't keep running I needed to find Glorsar sin and apologize.

Ferad: Glorsar sin has been dead for Years.

Maeexa: I see that.

Ferad: Daeni leads them now.

Maeexa: What happened to him?

Ferad: he had half his face skinned off his body then set of fire.

Maeexa: should I go see him

Ferad: I wouldn't suggest it, he's become... colder.

Maeexa: what do you mean?

*Safiah playing outside is approached by Daeni*

Daeni: hey little lady.

*Daeni approaches with a veil covering half his face*

Safiah: hi mister.

Daeni: you looking for someone to play with?

Safiah: sure, who are you though?

Daeni: an old friend my names Daeni, who are you?

Safiah: my names Safiah *she says energetically*

Daeni: that's a lovely name. you ever heard of thief?

*Safiah shakes her head her braid flying between shoulders*

Daeni: here's how we play see that guy over there?

Safiah: uhuh

Daeni: he has a coin bag in his satchel if you can get it it's yours.

Safiah: but isn't that stealing? Momma says stealing's wrong.

Daeni: it's not stealing he's in on the game.

Safiah: alright sure.

*safiah pick pockets the man and retrieves a sack of coins and an emerald*

Daeni: good job

Safiah: that was actually super fun.

Daeni: you're just like your mother

Safiah: I dunno, momma isn't fun like this.

Daeni: of course most mothers are like that.

Safiah: why do you wear that mask?

Daeni: If I tell you promise you'll still be my friend?

Safiah: I promise *Safiah holds out pink* I pinky swear. *Daeni raps his pinky around Safiahs*

Daeni: I was horribly disfigured a few years ago and now wear this vail so no one knows what I look like under it.

*a few hours later Maeexa frantically searches for Safiah*


Safiah: I'm right here momma

*Maeexa sees Safiah in the clearing of an alleyway and in a fit of anger slaps Safiah hard enough to make her start crying and leave a gash across her face then hugs her*

Maeexa: you scared me half to death where were you young lady?

Safiah: Playing with some of the kids *tears flowing down her face with a large cut on her cheek and ear*

Maeexa: baby I am so sorry come on let momma fix you up.

*they head back to the house with Daeni watching*
Cato: so that's why you have that faint scar. She must've slapped the piss out of you.

Safiah: don't push it or I'll slap the piss out of you. it was the angriest I've ever seen my mother.

Cato: I can just imagine little Safiah probably had long hair back then your hair braided to one side. So Maeexa was marked for death and my father unintentionally stop that from happening, I never knew father killed the dark brotherhood I had suspicions but doesn't really make sense Sithis is his Grandfather. I suppose he was punished in coldharbour.

Safiah: you killed your father though what does that mean for him.

Cato: He was bound by deal to coldharbour... he gave up his claim in Sovngard for her after Molag Bal stole mother and he took her place. When I killed him it was more for mercy and now his soul resides in the void with mother and Mira's all alone in Sovngarde... I swear I'll met her there one day and we'll toast again as brother and sister. I wish you could go to Sovngarde, you would love her. Anyways go on with story

*Safiah lost in Catos rambling*
Safiah: Oh... yeah... *She said in a concerned tone* So anyways we had just had a major heist biggest I've ever seen.

Daeni: you really are impressive.

Safiah: Am I? Never been caught... Never been jailed unless it was necessary... I'm the perfect thief

Daeni: you really are your mothers child.

Safiah: Alright. *Safiah spins around with a smug look*

Daeni: what

Safiah: you've been saying that for years, what does that mean.

Daeni: What does what mean.

Safiah: "I'm my mothers child", you don't even know my mother.

Daeni: I don't? do I not.

Safiah: alright what's goin' on.

*A few guild members step inside the entrance*

Daeni: do you want to know?

Safiah: yes I want to know.

Daeni: Do you really really want to know?

*in a playful tone*
Safiah: Daeni I'll rob you tonight if you don't tell me.

Daeni: alright but don't say I didn't warn you, your mother is Maeexa Al-Azhir.

Safiah: asking around town trying to sound cryptic I see.

Daeni: Your mother was one of the greatest thiefs this guilds ever known.

*safiahs smile turns to disbelief*

Safiah: you're lying.

Daeni: would I ever lie to you.

Safiah: my mothers not a thief, and I won't have you questioning her honor. *Safiahs disbelief turns into anger*

Daeni: She stole everything from Gold and silver to jewels to family heirlooms all the way *Just showing his half lip not covered by the veil* to a royal baby.

*Safiah Slaps Daeni*

Safiah: I told you to stop

*Safiah storms off back to Maeexa*

Maeexa: oh baby you look upset is Astein been bothering you again.

Safiah: no momma

Maeexa: you should be proud someone as handsome and as wealthy as his family has taken a liking to you, and don't think I don't see all those other boys looking at you.

Safiah: I'm not getting married.

Maeexa: until the Al-Hedars make a pricy offer for your hand in marriage.

Safiah: then Ill cut it off and give his father my hand...

*maeexa turns to see an aggravated Safiah*

Safiah: Momma you wouldn't steal from anyone would you?

*Maeexa sees Safiahs being serious*

Maeexa: no baby.

Safiah: you're lying. I can tell when you're lying.

Maeexa: baby I would never lie to you. Who have you been talking to little flower *Maeexa puts one of safiahs hairs behind her ear and grabs her wrist smiling at Safiah*

Safiah: there's a guy named Daeni he's in a group...

*Maeexas calm turns to anger*

Maeexa: Who have you been talking to?

*Maeexa grips Safiahs wrist tighter*

Safiah: Awe momma you're hurting me.

Maeexa: and it'll hurt worse if you don't cut to the end.

Safiah: The Thieves Guild.

Maeexa: that's it Im going to to talk to them right now.

*Maeexa practically throws Safiah down when letting go of her wrist. Maeexa rushes to The thieves guild HQ*

Safiah: Momma Calm down.

*Maeexa bashes the door open starling everyone in the room but Daeni who gives a half smile*

Daeni: Miss Al-Azhir I've been expecting you.

Maeexa: you stay away from my daughter.

*Safiah mouthing,"I'm sorry." behind her*

Daeni: that's interesting "Your Daughter", What are you afraid of.

Safiah: mom their cool.

Maeexa: they are awful people they hurt innocent people and steal from the poor, how do you not see this Safiah? I know I raised you to know better.

Safiah: I'm sorry momma
*Safiah looks down in defeat*

Daeni: Why are you being such a hypocrite? because you did all those things?

Maeexa: how dare you talk to me...

Daeni: but you were worse weren't you because you stole a Child from a loving royal home.

Maeexa: Safiah we are going.

Safiah: Is it true momma?

Maeexa: later.

*Maeexa grabs safiahs shoulder and turns to leave*

Daeni: what are you afraid of that I'll reveal your big secret.

*Safiah stops*

Safiah: I need to hear this.

Maeexa: Safiah NOW!

*Safiah walks up to Daeni*

Safiah: what do you know about her since it's obviously she won't tell me.

Daeni: Alot. She stole an infant girl from her crib in Sentinel, the Heiress to Sentinel, The surrounding, Stros M'kai, and of Course Hews Bane.

*Safiah looks at Maeexa then back to Daeni*

Daeni: she was told to return that child to the king himself but she didn't and we all paid for it... well everyone except her. *Thieves guild members walk out from the shadows some grotesque and horrifying* say, Safiah? You ever wonder what the other side of my face looks like. *Daeni unveils himself to reveal a half burnt bone and gross face with no eye and missing teeth. Startling Safiah and surprising Maeexa*

Maeexa: I'm sorry Daeni I shouldn't have but you shouldn't do this.

Daeni: Safiah she did this. so not cool, right?

*Safiah touches the bone seeing he's not lying*

Safiah: please don't say momma killed that baby. *her teeth chattering from terror*

Daeni: no it's much MUCH better than that *hands Safiah ‪the wanted‬ poster* it's an odd thing how detailed these posters are, don't you think? How it gives a description of every small detail. The Kings last offer was 10 million septims for the safe return of his beloved daughter that was 9 years ago because his council stopped him amidst the ongoing war. He had another child, a son for a new heir. No father should be forced to leave their child in the past... but the best part is yet to come.

Maeexa: Daeni I'm begging you please.

Daeni: the child she stole.

*safiahs breathing starts to heavy as she slowly looks at her wrist to the trident scar*

Daeni: Was you.

*Safiah turns to Maeexa seeing tears of anger starting to form*

Safiah: Is it true?

*Maeexa looks down in shame*

Safiah: LOOK AT ME! *Maeexa meets Safiahs gaze* Is it true?

Maeexa: Yes, Safiah its true.

Safiah: don't you call me that... don't you ever call me that!

Maeexa: You have to understand I loved you...

Daeni: She robbed you of your rightful throne.

Safiah: You robbed me of my rightful throne.

Maeexa: Please Safiah...


Maeexa: you've known me for 15 years of your life...

Safiah: have I? You are just some stranger to me.

*Maeexa begins to breakdown*
Maeexa: I...

Safiah: I spent years thinking my father was someone who left us... I thought for 15 years I was responsible.

Daeni: Ewww that's cold Maeexa you know what hurts worse than torture... Words.

*Maeexa in tears at this point*

Maeexa: Please Safiah I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry for hiding who we were, I'm sorry for taking you, I'm sorry for everything...

*Safiah walks closer to her her mother and looks at her mother with disappointment, disgust and anger* Safiah: No you're not.
*Safiah storms off*

Maeexa: I will kill you Daeni.

Daeni: oh will you? And how will that win you're illegitimate child back?

Maeexa: I don't care who it brings back I'll kill you for this.

*Daeni snaps his fingers*

Daeni: the guest has overstayed their welcome and I think it's time to dispose of her. *Maeexa looks to see guild members holding weapons* I hate to be a rude host but it seems I have a Princess to ransom *Daeni leaves out the back entrance just as guild members close in on Maeexa but she fights back slitting ones throats before stabbing another with their spear, others starting warding off after she cracks ones neck against another.

*Safiahs out looking the night sea as Daeni approaches*

Daeni: M'lady.

Safiah: This was life... for 15 years this was life... staring up and down the sea praying to every Divine that this wasn't all I was meant to be... a poor stupid girl who's only ambition could be summarized as a toy for some wealthy merchant boy.

*Safiah buries her face in Daeni crying*

Daeni: I'm so sorry Serena that you had to find out this way. it was only right for you to know.

Safiah: Why.

Daeni: I know this is hard, I understand.

Safiah: how?

Daeni: I once lost someone very dear to me she stole something and when I confronted her about it she left me for High rock. I know how it feel to think you know someone truly I do.

Safiah: I don't understand why she did it.

Daeni: she was selfish, this is how her kind are.

Safiah: I thought she was kind and caring, I was just too stupid...

Daeni: Shhhh shhhh.

*Daeni gets down on 1 knee and holds Safiahs red teary face*

Daeni: look Serena you are not stupid, you're a brave girl who has the potential to lead, I know you're going through a lot right now but there's a caravan headed for sentinel tonight. I can bring you back to your father and you'll be a princess once again.

Safiah: what about my brother?

Daeni: you're older and your brother is barely 8, The Council will undoubtedly side with you as the next Queen of Sentinel.

Safiah: what would you gain?

Daeni: why do you think I want something. Youve been living a horrific lie, you deserve to be happy.
*Safiah looks into Daenis eye nodding her head*

Safiah: I... I don't know though sounds crazy but I still love her, Maeexa I mean.

Daeni: I know you think you do but she robbed you, you love who you thought you saw, kind hearts struggle to let go of people they think they can save but you don't even know her.

Safiah: you're right I don't... *Safiah looks down*

Daeni: so Beautiful, so Brave. You have a gentle heart when you're Queen the people will rejoice.

Safiah: let's do this *Maeexa gets out of the thieves guild HQ to see Safiah already in the Carriage*

Maeexa: SAFIAH!

*Maeexa runs to Ferad but Ferads in bed*

Ferad: what the s**t *he says delirious*

Maeexa: We need to go Safiahs in trouble.

Ferad: how the hell did you get into my house *as Ferad trips over a bottle of Rum*

Maeexa: it's not important.

Ferad: you broke into my house. *Ferad sniffs* awww you smell that I've s**t me self.

Maeexa: I can smell it but we have to get going.

Ferad: fine end of those trousers anyways damn City and it's complicated women.

*They track out for Safiah not catching up till they're almost in Sentinel when Daeni hears Maeexa approaching*

Maeexa: SAFIAH!

Daeni: hold my Mead, Serena, I have something I need to do. *Daeni Unsheathes his sword and climbs on top of the carriage and throws the sword at Maeexa catching the sword in her right shoulder* stop the cart I'm going to finish this.

*Maeexa is on the ground and pulls out the sword and drops it but Daeni kicks it away, kneeing Maeexa in the jaw.*

Daeni: I don't think so.

*Maeexa pulls out a knife but Daeni stops her from putting the knife in his abdomen*

Daeni: why do you bother Mae? I'm better than you I'll always be better than you.

*yanks the knife from Maeexa and walks back to Safiah before throwing the knife straight at Maeexa but before the knife connects, Ferad jumps in front of it catching it in his heart.*

Maeexa: Ferad... *Looks up at Safiah* please forgive me my baby.

*Daeni beats Maeexa to the ground before getting on top of her and starting to strangle her*

Daeni: when I ransom the princess back, I'll present you as the kidnapper. Imagine what they'll do to you, even Namira won't take you into her afterlife.

*Maeexas life slowly drains away as she sees memories of her and Safiah before Daeni has a sword put through him. Safiah is revealed as the killer but immediately throws the sword and falls backwards beginning to cry, Maeexa holds Safiah for comfort*

Safiah: I killed him momma *Safiah is curled up like a baby*

Maeexa: It's okay Safiah it's okay you did the right thing.

Safiah: momma? *She struggles to get out petrified over what just happened*

Maeexa: Shhhh babygirl it's okay.

*Safiah puts her head in her knees*
Safiah: I wanna go home please can we go home.

Maeexa: alright baby we'll go home, just get up, everything will be okay. *Maeexa picks up Safiah still shaking and crying*

Safiah: I'm sorry I said those things.

Maeexa: You're okay baby no ones going to take you from me.

Safiah: I just saw the sword... and... and I...

Maeexa: shhh baby. I need you to keep walking. Okay

Safiah: ok... okay.
*Cato Grabs Safiah hugging her*

Cato: it's okay you can stop.

*Safiah is crying heavily*

Safiah: I'm so sorry Cato *she says with tears flooding down her face. She starts to curl up*

Cato: It's okay, Safiah don't speak just calm down...

Safiah: I killed him.

Cato: It's okay Safiah I've killed people too you did what was right.

Safiah: promise you won't leave please...

Cato: just calm down Safie. Everything will be alright.

*the sudden outburst of emotion catching Cato off guard and concerned. Safiah drifts out of consciousness in Catos arms till Safiah wakes up with Cato still holding her*

Safiah: Cato?

Cato: Yes Safiah?

Safiah: can you let go, your breath really stinks.

*Cato let's go*

Cato: sorry, it was that fish and ale... you were just... sorry...

Safiah: how long was I out.

Cato: about an hour I think.

Safiah: I'm sorry I said a lot of stupid s**t.

Cato: You put up with me when I say stupid s**t, I understand.

Safiah: so about the part where I asked... you won't ever leave right.

Cato: never my sword is yours till my dying breath hopefully that's a long time. so that was your first time?

Safiah: first kill? yes.

Cato: I always assumed people had a childhood like mine where killing was commonplace, you seemed to really lose yourself.

Safiah: I was absolutely terrified, I didn't know what to think... is that normal?

Cato: kinda, you just took someone's life away. family, needs, their story all gone in a few seconds. Are you okay you're shaking?

Safiah: I'm just cold

Cato: Safiah we have a fire... I've killed all kinds of people. Thalmor, Humans, Catwalkers, Argonians, I've killed innocent men, women, and children before Safiah, you shouldn't feel guilty.

Safiah: truthfully I don't know every time I think of it it terrifies me... I feel awful about what I did.

Cato: you shouldn't Maeexa was your mother you did what you had do to protect her.

Safiah: Who was your first Cato? Person I mean. *Cato puts his arm around Safiah to comfort her*

Cato: will it help you calm down if I tell you.

Safiah: I just need to know I'm not horrible so I think.

Cato: first kill was a Thalmor scout in the wilderness of Windhelm, after Solitude fell I was about 6 or 7, I just couldn't understand why they would do such a thing and when I found the scout I took the chained letter he had on hip and strangled him with it and I'll admit I felt nothing but hatr... *seeing Safiah hand shaking* was terrified just like you cried my heart out...

Safiah: You're not really like that, I know you.

Cato: maybe not but I still understand what it was like and know that what you did was right. If you think you're horrible just imagine what I've done.

Safiah: Like what.

Cato: Best saved for a time of hatred.

Safiah: I could never hate you Cato.

Cato: Best saved for a colder night.

Safiah: So did you want to hear the end?

Cato: depends

Safiah: it's right at the end I'll be fine.
*a few hours later*

Maeexa: Wake up little flower

Safiah: momma? Are you okay?

Maeexa: yes sweetie I'm okay.

*Safiah hears loud Cheering*

Safiah: Where... where are we.

Maeexa: Home.

Safiah: this doesn't look like home.

Maeexa: it's yours, this was where you were born Serena.

Safiah: momma?

*King Thassad passes by with Safiahs 8 year old brother behind him*

Maeexa: he looks just like you.

Safiah: albeit, Bigger and more boyish. Why did you take me here?

Maeexa: look Serena there is your father and your real mother.

Safiah: I...

Maeexa: I should have returned you, you don't deserve to be on the streets stealing from people like I did... Whatever happens when you leave me I want you to know I love you.

*she grabs Safiahs head and kisses her forehead, Safiah turns to see her father waving at the commoners of Sentinel, sees their nice clothes, their perfect hair, blemishless skin, their jewels as Thassad throws a handful of coins into the crowd Safiah slowly takes a few steps forward as Maeexa starts to tear up, Safiah can't walk any further instead turns back to Maeexa*

Safiah: I can't do it.

Maeexa: can't do what.

Safiah: I can't leave you.

Maeexa: Serena this is your chance back into the life you were meant to live with two loving parents a mother and a father.

Safiah: My names not Serena, my name is Safiah... you are my Mother, I don't want to live like a princess that's not me.

Maeexa: Think about what you're saying, they have wealth, you'll never go hungry again, you'll be protected, you'll have a family, a real family. What do you have with me?

Safiah: Everything I could want *Safiah looks down at The trident scar on her wrist* regardless of where I was born or who I was born to... you'll always be my mother.

Maeexa: Safie. *Maeexa cries on Safiahs shoulder in a hug*

Safiah: I love you mom.

Maeexa: I love you too baby.

*The two walk away as Mother and Daughter as the Story ends*

Cato: Wow that's incredible.

Safiah: I could be lying.

Cato: I know you're not though.

Safiah: how could you possibly know.

Cato: you're an excellent thief but a horrible liar. *Cato c***s his head* I never knew I was escorting a Princess much less the rightful heir to the throne of sentinel.

Safiah: I can't believe I'm being escorted by a... ugh... hmmm...

Cato: A*****e.

Safiah: yeah exactly.

Cato: no I meant you're an a*****e.

*Safiah snickers* Safiah: I'm just teasing.

Cato: so where is your mother now Maeexa I mean?

Safiah: she died 3 years ago, from complications, the infection from her shoulder wound spread and killed her.

Cato: I'm sorry to hear that.

Safiah: don't be she was a wonderful mother she deserves to be in Far Shores or with nocturnal I'm really not sure who she worshipped.

Cato:And you?

Safiah: hmmm?

Cato: do you ever think of going before your real family to confess who you are?

Safiah: eventually I might have to... the Aldmeri dominion are raping my lands.

Cato: but you don't want to be queen?

*Safiah shakes her head*

Cato: in your story you talked about marriage, how do the marriage customs go in Hammerfell? Do I wear an Amulet or do I just ask you outright...

*Safiah Nearly bursts out laughing* Safiah: You are such a pervert. I'm not marrying even if I wanted to you'd have to ask my Father for my hand in marriage.

Cato: don't think I won't you know me I'm crazy.

Safiah: leave it to you to get killed doing something as stupid as that.

Cato: *Cato looks over to see the sun coming up* is it already morning?

Safiah: I guess it is...

Cato: I have one more question Lady Serena.

Safiah: don't call me that or I'll stab you...

Cato: M'lady is that any way to talk to your royal guard?

Safiah: Gods I hate you.

*Cato hold up the horse reins*

Cato: we should get going

Safiah: alright *Safiah smiles at Cato before being helped up on her horse* I could've got up myself.

*Cato drops to one knee* Cato: Forgive me m'lady I shame myself in your...

Safiah: get on your damn horse before I hit you.

*Cato laughs while getting on the horse* Cato: As you wish M'lady... Im glad you finally told me.

Safiah: i knew I shouldn't have

Cato: but you did

Safiah: I lied about it.

Cato: no you didn't

Safiah: I did I swear

Cato: then why are you smiling?

*voices become more faint as they ride into hammerfell*


© 2020 CATO

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Added on February 15, 2020
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