Voting Could Be Overrated, Here is Why

Voting Could Be Overrated, Here is Why

A Story by CEOCaples

In the early 1900’s, Black Americans differed on how to achieve the goal of equality.Which first, political, social, or economic?

In the early 1900’s, Black Americans differed on how to achieve the goal of equality. In 1909, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded. One of its first decisions was whether to focus on achieving economic, social, or political equality first. As it stood in 1909 and still to this day in 2016, Black Americans have a right to immediate political, economic, and social equality. But, as shown by the failure of Reconstruction following the Civil War, and now in 2016 several whites still opposed complete racial equality for Blacks. Many Blacks supported political equality first, and it would make great sense today, for murders are not arrested or prosecuted on account of the race of their victims. But, politics is a zero sum game. If one group increases its political power, it must come at the expense of another group. If Blacks try to increase their political power now, very similar to the past, whites who believe they will lose power will oppose them. And, since Black’s opponents are currently much more powerful than they are, Blacks will lose. *Flash Back*, with the election of President Barack Obama, it brought back an open fear for several whites; which brought out a lot of poison that many whites held back for a long time. It has become obvious we’re now in a time of white resentment, polarized by stating “We Want Our Country Back”, to include Tea Party anxieties. These acts come out of fear as if they’re losing something. In reality, whites are not losing anything, they’re still in control over the economic productions in the country; they still have the best positions, best jobs, lowest unemployment rates, and lowest poverty rates. In today’s time, similar to 50 years ago, whites are still finding ways to keep political power: The over policing of Black and Brown communities which leads to mass incarceration, discussions of closing southern boarders, and rigged elections are just continued ways to keep people of color from voting, ultimately, ways to maintain control. Whites know if Blacks can’t vote, the government will ignore them or worse, oppress them.

Looking back, W.E.B. Du Bois and the NAACP should have adopted a different strategy. The NAACP pushed for all three forms of equality (Social, Economic, & Political) and faced continuous confrontation. Maybe the focus should have been more of Booker T. Washington’s aim, economic equality first. By doing so, Blacks could have built an alliance with whites. Economics is not a zero-sum game. Blacks and whites could get rich at the same time….maybe, maybe not (Remembering Black Wall Street AKA Little Africa). But overall Black economic success could benefit whites more than they know. If Blacks do not work, they do not provide a labor force for white business owners, they cannot buy products made by white-owned businesses, and they are more likely to commit crimes. By Blacks focusing on economic equality, Blacks enlist whites in their struggle. But the jealous thought of knowing the black struggle may lead to becoming self-sufficient, several white groups viewed it differently, for they knew that if Blacks became wealthy, they could force political and social equality. For its money that influences business and politics as well. If Blacks pledge to fund the political party that supports their agenda, Republicans and Democrats will both compete for their support. So for Black people, they should continue to focus on becoming wealthier, for social equality will follow as well. Society respects those who have something to contribute to the world’s marketplace. There is no country in which this is truer than America. In America, entrepreneurs, capitalists and inventors are considered heroes. In the end, unless there is economic empowerment, there will not be real justice; therefore, a man that isn’t economically free is also not politically free.

Thanks for reading,
Historian Derrick (CEO) Caples

© 2016 CEOCaples

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This is great work. I agree with you.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thanks, feel free to share at your leisure
T.S. Sky

6 Years Ago

Thank you. :)
If the recount was correct, Hillary won the popular vote by a few votes. Yet Donald won the other way of voting. So perhaps it is over rated. I have worked among blacks and yellows and whites. All were treated the same. Not living in a large city I have not seen the disadvantage there. Someone said the more you stir the pot the more it bubbles and stinks. Valentine

Posted 6 Years Ago

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