Some Days

Some Days

A Poem by Wonderful Letdown

It's about overcoming a painful situation.

Each day that passes me by
is slowly killing me inside.
Making my heart begin to waver
My resolve is starting to melt away
doubts are cropping up
I'm losing my sense of right and wrong
Making me wonder
'Did I do the right thing?
Is it really worth all the drama,
all this pain?

hen the memories come flooding back.
Reminding me of all the days we spent;
all the yelling and screaming,
rage and tears.
It hurt so much more before.

What hurts the most
is watching you walk away.
I gave you a chance to stay,
but I guess I wasn't good enough
to keep you from saying good-bye.
So many things I wish I could say
we could have been happy.
If only you would just take my hand
If only...

Now I'm left
with a shattered heart
and a family divided.
I'm trying to overcome the bitterness
and all the pent up rage
that I have in spades.
But it's so hard to find
when it's hiding so deep inside.

Yes it hurts missing you,
but you have hurt me more than this.
In spite of all the pain
and misery you've put me through
I can't help loving you.
Even though all of my efforts,
you've thrown right back in my face.
I will continue loving you.

Maybe some day
we will be able to repair all the damage done
and I'll be able to forgive all you have stolen.
But that day isn't now.
My door is still open,
only if you want to change
from what we once had
to something oh so much better.
Until that day comes
I will move on forward.

All of my yesterdays were dark,
my present is difficult
but I will continue striving forward
into a better tomorrow.
A place I pray
that you will join in.
Because I know
no matter how much time passes us by
I will always love you.


© 2012 Wonderful Letdown

Author's Note

Wonderful Letdown
I suck at punctuation and what-not, so please ignore that. Though constructive criticism is welcome ^-^

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This is really good and honest, about a lost love by the sounds of it. I think more specifics about the situation would really amp up the misery for me and really bring out the emotions.

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

No, you're very welcome. Have you written anything about living with your mother's mental illness? I.. read more
Wonderful Letdown

11 Years Ago

Yes I have actually. I wrote down all the memories I have of her and almost everything that has happ.. read more
Wonderful Letdown

11 Years Ago

and yes I have it posted.

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Added on December 11, 2012
Last Updated on December 11, 2012
Tags: Hurt, Comfort, Hope, Love, Family


Wonderful Letdown
Wonderful Letdown


Yo, I love writing though I suck at grammar/punctuation. It's the only way I can express myself. Don't expect weekly updates. I'm a really irregular kind of writer. Though I hope to improve (as a .. more..